***Please note STL’s academic calendar differs from the Peking University Shenzhen campus calendar insofar as it starts earlier and ends later, and operates on a quarter system not a semester system. Students must conform to the STL academic calendar in making all travel and other plans.
Quarters 1, 2, and 3 are 11 weeks long (10 weeks of class plus one week for exams). Quarter 4 is 8 weeks long (7 weeks of class plus one week for exams).

STL Academic Calendar 2019-2020

Quarter One

August 12 (Monday) to October 25 (Friday)

Exam Week: October 28 to November 3

National Holiday: September 30 to October 6

Fall Break/Intersession: November 4 to 5


Quarter Two

November 6 (Wednesday) to January 10 (Friday)

Exam Week: January 13 to 19

Spring Festival Break: January 20 to February 16


Quarter Three

February 17 (Monday) to April 21 (Tuesday)

Exam Week: April 24 to April 30

Labor Day Break: May 1 to May 10


Quarter Four

May 11 (Monday) to June 26 (Friday)

Exam Week: June 29 to July 3


STL Academic Calendar 2018-2019

Summer Honors Program: July 28 to August 4

Legal English Bootcamp: August 5 to August 11

STL Registration Day: August 12


Quarter One 

August 13 (Monday) to October 26 (Friday)

Exam Week: October 29 to November 4

National Holiday: October 1 to 7

Fall Break: November 5 to 6


Quarter Two

November 7 (Wednesday) to January 11 (Friday)

Exam Week: January 14 to 21

Spring Festival: January 22 to February 17


Quarter Three 

February 18 (Monday) to April 28 (Sunday)

Labor Day Holiday: April 29 to May 3

Exam Week: May 6 to May 10


Quarter Four 

May 11 (Saturday) to June 22 (Saturday)

Exam Week: June 24 to June 30



STL follows the Peking University Shenzhen campus schedule for official holidays. STL holds no classes on days that the Peking University Shenzhen campus calendar states that no classes will be held.

The Peking University Shenzhen campus schedule may be found on the Portal of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (click on “Calendar” on the top of the screen).

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