Small Business Entrepreneurship Clinic Introduction

1. Legal Clinic Introduction

Peking University Small Business Entrepreneurship Clinic(hereinafter, the “SBEC”) was established in April, 2016. Originated from American law school in 1960s, this new educational mode was named as Clinical Legal Education, then became quite popular around the States. The Clinical Legal Education inspired from the medical clinical practice teaching method and encourages law school students to learn laws and professional skills in real case. In details, SBEC is guided by a registered lawyer, provides a real legal practice environment to law school students, and provides valuable and free legal service to small business entrepreneurs as well, including but not limited to Legal Pro Bono service and commercial legal consulting service.

As an original practical course in Peking University School of Transnational Law, SBEC aims at providing high level commercial legal service to Hi-tech and innovative small business in Shenzhen and Hong Kong region, and ensures the legal protection could cover the real innovative achievement by Hi-tech start up companies.

2. Course Introduction

2.1 Clinical Mentor Introduction

SBEC was established and led by advocate Yuan Peihao, who is currently working in JunZeJun Law Firm Shenzhen office.  He has rich expertise in cross-border M&A, Intellectual Property and relevant international arbitration.  He once worked in a multinational corporate in Paris, an international law firm’s Beijing Office and South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Also known as “Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration”).  He earned his B.A. at Sichuan University & Paris X University and his M.A. at Paris X University.

2.2 Clinical Member Introduction

SBEC runs two sessions per year and open the vacancies to students in School of Transnational Law every Q2 and Q4.Successful candidates are expected to have outstanding academic background, solid legal basis, excellent English skills and great professional ethnics through applications and interviews.

Each session shall enroll 9-12 students based on the application pool, which will be divided into three groups: Corporate group, M&A group and Intellectual Property group.

Corporate group aims at providing company set-up service to entrepreneurs in Shenzhen or Hong Kong.

M&A group aims at helping prominent hi-tech companies to accomplish their financing plan, or assisting VC and PE to invest highly developed innovative companies.

Intellectual Property group aims at providing various patent application service and designing Intellectual Property protection strategy to technology-intensive enterprises.

2.3 Clinical Course Contents

The Clinical Course shall be divided into four parts:

  • Basic business etiquette and communicating skills in law firm etc.
  • Research and discussion on heated topics and leading edge legal questions, like internet financing, internet game, cross-border technology transfer, venture capital fund and related dispute settlement etc.
  • Each group will share all their experience in their different specific case, thus all members could learn and master the key legal issues in all three different cases.
  • Field Research. All members would visit some famous and big corporations and communicate with experts there, thus learning the necessary knowledge and skills as legal service providers in practice.

3. Achievement

Subjected to commercial secret issue, only part of selected intellectual property case can be posted here based on the public information from Chinese State Intellectual Property Office. (More detailed information please click here)

4. Contact Us

If you have any suggestion or want to apply for our pro bono legal service, please contact us:

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