Financial Information

There can be different financial information for mainland China students, HK, Macau and Taiwan students and international students and there are several types of financial aid: scholarships, grants, bank loans and allowance. Below we will explain these differences.

Scholarships (Available for All Students)

Entrance Scholarship

Distinguished Students can apply for scholarship at STL in the first year. STL provides scholarships of two levels as below:

For the Distinguished Talent Scholarship, no more than 5 students (5% of enrolling plan) will be selected to receive this prestigious award, which is RMB 60,000 over four years in total.

For the Exceptional Promise Scholarship, up to 20 students (20% of enrolling plan) in each entering class will be selected to receive this award, which is RMB 30,000 over four years in total.

An annual evaluation will be carried out for consideration of a continuous benefit of this scholarship.

PKU Annual Scholarships

The yearly excellence and scholarship evaluation of PKU starts in late September, and scholarships usually include the May 4th Scholarship, Zhong Ying Scholarship, Guang Hua Scholarship, Liao Kaiyuan Scholarship and National Scholarship (not available for international students). Students from 2L, 3L and 4L are eligible to apply. According to the excellence and scholarship evaluation code of STL, we distribute quotas to all the students who are eligible for scholarships first and allow the students to apply based upon their academic performances, resumes and personal statements every year. The STL Accreditation Committee, composed of Deans, professors and counselors for the three classes, will evaluate applications.

To apply, students must submit their English resumes and personal statements stating clearly which award you are applying to. Completed applications are submitted to the Office of Student Affairs.

Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship

As a full-service law firm of the new generation specializing in cross-border transactions, Han Kun Law Offices has experienced benefits from the tremendous changes in and speedy developments of China’s legal industry, and has witnessed its ever-growing thirst for top-end legal talents.

In order to enhance the professional skills of Chinese legal practitioners, encourage outstanding legal talents to pursue advanced legal studies and promote the sustainable progress and prosperity of China’s legal industry, Han Kun is launching “Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship” (the “Scholarship”) to award those exceptional young graduates from domestic universities with outstanding academic records who are going to attend top-tier Chinese or foreign law schools for recognized university degrees (inclusive of JD, LLM and LLB degrees in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign law schools) with a plan to pursue a legal career in Mainland China after completion of their advanced legal studies in China or abroad.

The Scholarship totals RMB 500,000 annually and will be awarded to 5 outstanding law students, each receiving RMB 100,000. For more details regarding this Scholarship (e.g., application eligibility, application materials, selection procedures), please refer to “The Application Policy of 2014 Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship” and “The Application Form of 2014 Han Kun Youth Legal Scholarship”.

For any questions on application, please e-mail to

Baosteel Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Scholarship for Outstanding Students

Baosteel Scholarship Information
Baosteel Scholarship Application

Scholarships from the Chinese government

Scholarships from the Chinese government are also available to international students. For more information, visit the following websites:


China Star Light Charity Fund

China Star Light Charity Fund Association: Founded in January, 1996 and registered as a charity association in Hong Kong in January, 2000, China Star Light Charity Fund Association aims to support the schooling in Chinese impoverished areas by raising money in Hong Kong and overseas.

To help students with strong financial need, China Star Light Charity Fund Association has established a “Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Star Light Charity Fund”. Since its foundation, there have been about 15 students every year from STL to benefit from this grant, and the amount can be up to 12,000 HKD per person each year. To apply for this grant, you must be a student who has continuously registered in PKU Shenzhen Graduate School, has proven financial difficulty, and has performed well in academic studies and is willing to return to their community and help others.

To finish the application, you are expected to submit the following materials to the Office of Student Affairs:

  • China Star Light Charity Fund Application Form
  • Certificate of financial difficulty proven at least by organizations from county level
  • Identification Table

For more detailed information, please check with the Office of Student Affairs.

Education Loans (Available for Mainland China students)

Student loans are the principal source of aid available to help STL students fund their law school education. Considering the related principles of banks loans, they are limited to citizens and permanent residents of mainland China. So far there are national and commercial bank loans provided by Bank of China.

National Bank Loans

With a fixed quota of 6,000 RMB per year and no interest charged during four year’s studies. The repayment period lasts for 7 years.

Commercial Bank Loans

With a quota up to 80% of the tuition fee plus living expenses. The interest during four year’s studies is 10% lower than the market interest. The repayment period lasts for 6 years.

Other Financial Resources

Student Research Assistant Program

The number of students in the Student Research Assistant Program varies as faculty members will be soliciting help from Student Research Assistants (“RA”) for a variety of projects.

While each faculty member will have different demands, tasks commonly asked of students will include researching and answering specific questions, translating, and summarizing cases and papers. In return, students will have the opportunity to develop closer relationships with individual faculty members, explore topics relevant to their own research interests, and receive compensation.

Students will be asked to work no more than ten hours per week and must be either a 2L or 3L. The school will pay 10 RMB per hour. In order to apply, students should submit to professors a curriculum vitae and some indication of your academic performances before a certain deadline.

Faculty members will then select applicants they wish to interview, before ultimately selecting their RA. The allowance will be paid after the assistant’s submission of a periodical time sheet with professor’s signature.

Student General Assistant Program

Either STL or Shenzhen Graduate School will offer students opportunities to work as student assistants from time to time. The paid work varies from academic research support to school management coordination, allowing those need-based students to apply. Further notice will be sent to the students through public emails.

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