Summer Honors Program FAQ

Q: Can students without the exempt qualification attend SHP?
A: We welcome all students to apply for our SHP, but whether we admit or not depends on the application materials and the total number of applicants. If students without exempt qualification are chosen as a participant, they are still expected to be interviewed right after the SHP or during the September interviews for exempt students. Once they pass the cut score during the national qualifying exam, they are not required to attend further interviews unless otherwise notified.

Q: What is admission based on?
A: We admit talented students with a history of academic success and a clear vision for how studying at STL will advance their academic and career goals.

Q: What kind of exempt qualification should I provide?
A: Although J.M. is a professional degree(专业硕士-Zhuan Ye Xue Wei)which needs an exempt qualification of professional master degree(专业硕士保研资格), we do not strictly limit the types of the qualification. Either exempt qualification of professional master degree or academic master degree (学术硕士保研资格) is acceptable, as long as your mother university allows you to apply.

Q: Is SHP the only way to apply as an exempt student?
A: SHP is just one of several avenues for recruiting students. If students cannot participate in SHP due to time conflict, they can also apply in September and attend interviews.

Q: Do I need to take IELTS or TOEFL to prove my high proficiency in English?
A: We have a high expectation for students’ English proficiency, but IELTS or TOEFL score is not strictly required. We believe that students’ English competence is not fully demonstrated in a score, but reflected in every aspect of the materials.

Q: What are my chances of being admitted? Is there a certain percentage of students you take?
A: Though SHP has a target number of admitted applicants, we do not let this limit us, and we adjust according to the quantity and quality of applicants. Therefore, our admission decisions are based entirely on each applicant’s individual application and whether the student demonstrates a history of academic success and a vision for how studying at STL will advance their academic and career goals.

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