Stephen Minas

Assistant Professor of Law

“In recent years, international cooperation and competition have been dramatically changed by the intensification of environmental crises, the growing economic weight of large developing countries, technological and financial innovation, the rise of a new generation of international organizations and expanded non-state actor participation in governance. The study and further elaboration of mechanisms of transnational cooperation and dispute resolution in this context can contribute to meeting our most pressing shared challenges.” 

  • Stephen Minas’s research concerns novel transnational processes of law, policy and dispute resolution that address the emerging sustainable economy, focused on the nexus of climate change, finance, energy and technology. This research agenda draws on areas of legal doctrine and practice including public international law, private international law, energy law, financial law and European Union law.

    Professor Minas is a senior research fellow of the Transnational Law Institute of King’s College London, a member of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee’s task forces on climate technology financing and mitigation, the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law and the Young Academics Network of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, as well as an honorary fellow of the School of Population Health at the University of Melbourne. He has consulted to or collaborated with a variety of international organizations and think-tanks, including the Commonwealth Secretariat on the development of a law and climate change toolkit.

    Previously, Professor Minas has worked as a visiting lecturer at King’s College London (teaching in areas including finance law, climate change law and transnational law), an adviser to the Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, working on a variety of policy and legal areas including international trade and investment, energy and the environment, and for members of the Australian Parliament.

    Professor Minas holds a Master of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics, Honours degrees in Law and History from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law in Australia, and is currently completing a PhD in Law from King’s College London, where he held a Modern Law Review scholarship. He is admitted as an Australian lawyer and has completed the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre’s Tribunal Secretary Accreditation Programme.


    • Advanced Transnational Law
    • Climate Change
    • Public International Law

    • Stephen Minas, Holly Doremus and H. Jordan Diamond (eds), Stress Testing the Law of the Sea: Dispute Resolution, Disasters & Emerging Challenges, (forthcoming, under contract with Brill, 2017).
    • Stephen Minas and VassilisNtousas (eds), EU Climate Diplomacy: Politics, Technology and Networks (forthcoming, under contract with Routledge, 2018).


    • Rafael Leal-Arcas and Stephen Minas, “Mapping the International and European Governance of Renewable Energy” (2016) Oxford Yearbook of European Law 1- 42.
    • Stephen Minas, “China’s Climate Change Dilemma: Policy and Management for Conditions of Complexity” (2012) 14(2) Emergence: Complexity & Organization 40-53.
    • Stephen Minas, “Kill Fewer, Kill Carefully': An Analysis of the 2006 to 2007 Death Penalty Reforms in China” (2009) 27 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal 36-70. 
Book chapters
    • Stephen Minas, “Energy and the Law of the Sea”, in Research Handbook on EU Energy Law and Policy, edited by Rafael Leal-Arcas and Jan Wouters, Edward Elgar, 2017 (forthcoming).
    • David D Caron and Stephen Minas, “Conservation or Claim? The Motivations for Recent Marine Protected Areas”, in Ocean Law Debates, Brill, 2017 (forthcoming).
    • Rafael Leal-Arcas and Stephen Minas, “Renewable Energy” in Research Handbook on International Law and Natural Resources, edited by Elisa Morgera& Kati Kulovesi, Edward Elgar, 2016.
    • Harry Minas, Danny Sullivan and Stephen Minas, “Chapter 53: Culture and Expert Psychiatric Evidence” in Expert Evidence, edited by Ian Freckelton& Hugh Selby, Thomson Reuters, 2015. 
Other publications
    • Stephen Minas, “The future of EU climate change technology and sustainable energy diplomacy”, FEPS Studies, October 2016 (includes an introduction by Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallström and an article by Miriam Dalli MEP).
    • Stephen Minas, “Climate change cooperation within the Global South: Finance, policy and institutions”, Briefing, Foreign Policy Centre, 2014.
    • Stephen Minas, “BASIC positions: Major emerging economies in the UN climate change negotiations”, Briefing, Foreign Policy Centre, 2013.


  • Professor Minas Plays Active Role at UN Climate Change Conference 2017

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