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Each year, STL welcomes a significant number of international students to our campus. Students may attend as a full-time degree student enrolled in our J.D. program, through an official exchange program with one of our university partners, or through our visiting student program.  Taking courses alongside their Chinese classmates, international students have a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in transnational law and experience the daily life and culture of China. International students also may enroll in free Mandarin language courses on campus and participate in various events organized by the Office of International Programs. Finally, a buddy program pairs each international student with an STL student who serves as a guide during the semester.

Visiting students may study at STL for one academic quarter or up to one full academic year. Students can choose from courses offered by our J.D. program taught in English and/or courses offered by our China law J.M. program taught in Chinese.

For Fall or Winter quarter study, applications are due the prior Spring by March 15.  For Spring quarter study, applications are due the prior Fall by October 15.

For more information, students should contact Ms. Yating DU at

My experience at STL exceeded all expectations. From the beginning, I was charmed by the gorgeous campus, full of palm trees, exotic birds and cute cafes. It was a delight to study at STL, where the professors are eminent, yet also easy-going and always ready to help us in classes and with career development. I enjoyed having all of the classes with STL’s Chinese J.D. students, which enhanced our interactions as not just classmates, but also friends. Finally, my study at STL helped me land a job focusing on the Asia region, which I was well-prepared for because I could understand the business culture. Thank you, Peking University STL, for all that you gave me during those unforgettable 5 months!

– Mariya Hafner, University of Lausanne, ’14

My feelings toward STL are entirely positive. In Shenzhen, I met some of the kindest, and most interesting people I have ever known in my life. I will never regret my decision to study abroad there and I never pass up an opportunity to tell other law students that they should do the same.

– Kevin McMahon, University of Indiana, ’14



International Students enjoy Dim Sum in Shenzhen

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