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STL Students Earn Top Awards at LawWithoutWalls “ConPosium” in Miami

Following up on their visit to Harvard University Law School in January for the LawWithoutWalls (“LWOW”) Kickoff, STL students Li Yidan (3L) and Wang Wei (2L) joined their teammates from top law and business schools around the world to present their team projects at the LWOW “ConPosium” at the University of Miami, April 22-23, 2017.

During the two-day ConPosium, STL students and their teams showcased their innovative projects to the LWOW community before a panel of multidisciplinary judges, who assessed the substance, viability and creativity of each project.  Li Yidan’s team, which included students from Germany and France, favorably impressed the judges.  Their project on using artificial intelligence (“AI”) applications to streamline the work of in-house lawyers in reviewing low-risk and repetitive documents earned top billing and recognition as “Winner of Creativity.”

“In the course of LWOW, I talked with numerous experts and scientists in the field, which helped me to understand the relationship between law and technology, ” said LiYidan of her LWOW experience.  “As we learn important skills in legal analysis, research and interpretation during law school, we also should focus on the technological innovation that is happening in the legal profession,” she added.

2L student Wang Wei participated in LWOWx, LWOW’s on-line counterpart program that teams up students and professionals from around the globe to develop cutting-edge solutions to law, business, and technology-based problems.  Wang Wei’s LWOWx team won the on-line competition and earned a fully-fundedtrip to join the ConPosium in Miami.

“The problem our team addressed was combatting adolescent cyberbullying.  The first issue we had to overcome was the logistical challenge of being a single team spread across multiple time zones.  Our team was very supportive of each other and exhibited mutual understanding and tolerance, which was one of the keys to our success,” said Wang Wei.

“I am very thankful to STL for giving me this amazing opportunity.  In addition to learning new legal and business concepts, I also acquired many new transferable skills, such as shooting videos, marketing strategies, and the importance of engaging with the broader world, ” added Wang Wei.

LawWithoutWalls is a project run by the University of Miami that teams 100 students from 30 of the world’s leading law and business schools with academic, business, entrepreneur, and legal mentors to tackle cutting edge issues at the intersection of law, business and technology.  STL is the only school in Asia to participate in this unique cross-disciplinary, cross-border program.

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