2015 STL Summer Honors Program Roadshow

6:40p.m. May 12 Classroom 425, Building 2, Peking University (Beijing)
7:00p.m. May 13 Auditorium 7, Changping Campus, China University of Political Science and Law
7:00p.m. May 14 Classroom 303, Main Building, Nankai University
7:00p.m. May 21 Video Conference Room, Student Activity Center, Southwestern University of Finance and Econimics

STL/Kyoto University Joint Student Seminar in International Law

On May 20 and 21, a group of STL and Kyoto University students will participate in a Joint Student Seminar in International Law, to be held on STL’s campus in Shenzhen. Students will present papers on emerging issues of international law. Professor Shotaro Hamamoto will lead the Kyoto University group, and Professor Mark Feldman will lead the group from STL. The following papers will be presented at the seminar:

The Kyoto students and paper topics are as follows:

Okada, Yohei:
Attribution of Conducts Carried out by UN Peacekeepers: The Concept of Effective Control

Ochi, Megumi:
Amnesties in the International Criminal Justice

Hirano, Miharu:
Human Rights to Water and Investment Arbitration

Kitamura, Rieko:
The Scope of Religious Freedom in the European Convention on Human Rights

Nisugi, Kento:
Non-pecuniary Remedies in Investment Treaty Arbitration: Application of ILC Articles in Transnational Forum

Takata, Hinako:
The Roles of the International Human Rights Courts in Promoting and Helping Transition to Democracy

The STL students and paper topics are as follows:

Chen Shenglan:
Protecting Human Rights of Host States’ Local Residents through Non-Party Submissions  

Daniel Culpepper:
Ukraine Crisis Sanctions: WTO Obligations and Security Exceptions

Du Xiaoye:
Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in China and Japan: A Comparison of Practice

Jiang Shan:
Anonymous No More: Regulating Offshore Transfer of Corruption Proceeds via Service Providers

Xia Zhiyi:
The Transparency Principle in International Investment Arbitration and China’s Reactions

Zhang Junqi:
Corruption-tainted Investment in Investor-State Arbitration: Current Approaches and Possible Alternatives

STL’s Second Annual PILF Auction

Auction details

Friday, April 24, 2015
Moot Courtroom, B Building, PKU ShenZhen

The Second Annual PILF Auction will be hold on  April 24 (Friday) in the Moot Courtroom.  PILF (Public Interest Law Foundation) is a student organization devoted to promoting public interest law and the pro bono responsibilities of lawyers.  STL’s PILF is the first in China. The annual auction brings together students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the legal community to support the next generation of public interest lawyers.

PILF - 20150401

Externship Fair Introduction Session hold by STL Law Clinics

Session details

Sunday, April 19, 2015
2:00-4:30 p.m.
C303, PKU ShenZhen

About the Externship Fair Introduction Session:

Curious about what a lawyer’s day is like? This Sunday afternoon, the Clinical Office director Professor Zhang Lining will introduce STL’s new Externship Program to you. Externship Program is a wonderful chance for students to explore and experience legal practice in public offices, including public interest law firms, International and domestic courts and NGOs. About 10 organizations have been included in the program,and you will be able to learn about how the program works, and these organizations in the fair. Students who have externship experience will also be there to answer your questions. Students from all classes are welcome to learn about this wonderful opportunity.

Externship placements:

Equal Justice Initiative (Shenzhen), Laowei (Shenzhen), Wider (Shenzhen), South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Shenzhen), CIETAC (Beijing), Qianqian Law firm (Beijing), Zhicheng Law firm (Beijing), Yilian Law Firm (Beijing), Daly&Associate (Hong Kong), American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, Public Counsel (LA)

For more information please see the poster:

Clinic - 20150416 - X展架

Public Lecture: the System of Private Law – How to Learn and Apply Systematically

Picture 89

Lecture details

Monday, April 13, 2015
C303, PKU ShenZhen

Lecture Title: the System of Private Law – How to Learn and Apply Systematically

Lecture Speaker: Professor Yunsong Ge

Lecture Host: Shaowei Mao

Biography of Lecture Speaker:

Yunsong Ge, Professor of Law, holds a LL.B. from the Law School of Nanjing University; a LL.M. and Ph.D. from Peking University Law School; and a LL.M. from Yale Law School. He has been teaching at Peking University Law School since 1995. His research interests lie primarily in Chinese civil law, comparative civil law and legal education. Professor Ge is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at STL.

Public Lecture: Globalization of Water Privatization

Picture 89

Lecture details

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
C303, PKU ShenZhen

About the Speaker Julien Chaisse:

Julien Chaisse is Associate Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Director of the Center for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED). Julien is an award-winning specialist in international economic law with particular expertise in the regulation and economics of foreign investment.

In addition to scholarly work, Prof. Chaisse has wide experience as a practitioner, and is engaged as expert, counsel and arbitrator in international dispute settlement. Apart from his frequently being interviewed by local and international media on current events and legal issues, Prof. Chaisse is also regularly invited to provide legal advice and training courses on cutting-edge issues of international economic law for international organizations, governments, multinational law firms and private investors, including the United Nations ESCAP and ITC, World Trade Organization, ASEAN Secretariat, European Commission, Asian Development Bank, numbers of European countries and ASEAN member states.

Lecture - Julien 20150310

Law Career Series Lecture: Lawyering in the China Market – Perspective from a US Lawyer in China

Picture 89

Lecture details

Friday, January 16, 2015
C303, PKU ShenZhen

About the Speaker Robert Lewis:

Robert Lewis (吕立山), one of the best well-known, most active foreign lawyers in the China legal market, is a true pioneer in international legal practice and widely acclaimed thought leader. A US lawyer licensed in California, Robert has worked in China for more than 20 years in both private practice with major international and Chinese law firms and as in-house counsel with multinational corporations. Currently a senior international counsel of Zhonglun Law Firm, his practice focuses on in-bound and out-bound cross-border corporate and commercial transactions, with a particular emphasis on M&A, telecoms/IT transactions, and infrastructure projects, as well as clean energy and strategic partnering arrangements generally.

A few highlights of Robert’s illustrative career include:

– Perfectly bilingual in spoken and written Mandarin with native English.
– Managing Partner of Lovells (Hogan Lovells) Beijing Office for nine years.
– General Counsel of Nortel Networks Communications.
– The only foreign member of All China Lawyers Association Legal Training Committee, who has conducted hundreds of hours of training for Chinese lawyers and legal professionals.
– Author of numerous professional articles and several books in Chinese for Chinese legal and business professionals, including “The Art of Legal Drafting”, “Pioneering the – Modern Chinese Law Firm Management System” and “The Rules of the Game”.
– Architect and founding Chairman of the first Chinese-foreign law firm alliance, Sino-Global Legal Alliance (SGLA).
– Regular opinion contributor to The Lawyer online on China legal market (Robert’s blogs on the Chinese legal market can be found at http://www.thelawyer.com/news-and-analysis/opinion).
– Legal advisor to the 2008 Beijing Olympics Committee on major infrastructure projects

Professor Robert - 20150114

Come hear expert’s insight about the legal market, China practice. Come ask the top professional leader about your question. A great opportunity that you never want to miss.

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