International Higher Education Forum, December 15

Date:  8:15 a.m.-16:55 p.m., December 15 (Thursday)

Organizer:  Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

Venue:  Level B2, HSBC Business School, Peking University


Time Agenda Remarks
12-14-2016 Guests Reception
08:15-08:45 Reception
08:55-09:00 Introduce distinguished guests Moderator

Wen Hai

Dean of PHBS

09:00-09:10 Opening Speech

Yundong Wu

Chancellor of Peking University ShenzhenGraduate School

09:10-09:20 Hu Zhang

Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Government

09:20-09:25 Documentary


09:25-09:55 Keynote Speech

Development Trend of Higher Education inGlobalization

Jianhua Lin

President of Peking University

09:55-10:00 Video(Blessing to PKUSZ)
10:00-10:20 Keynote Speech

Diversity vs. Integrity of an university

Jeffrey Lehman

Vice Chancellor of NYU Shanghai

10:20-11:00 Panel DiscussionEducation and Innovation


Dali Yang

William C. Reavis Professor of Political

Science and Senior Advisor to the President

and Provost (Global Initiatives), The

University of Chicago



Geoffrey Garrett

Dean of the Wharton School, University of


William Wang

Associate Dean of Emlyon Business School

Winter Nie

Regional Director of IMD Southeast Asia

and Oceania

10:50-11:20 Keynote Speech

Cultivate Leadership in Future Leaders

Chunhua Chen

Professor of National School of

Development at Peking University

11:20-12:00 Panel Discussion

Challenges of International Joint-education


Shiyi Chen

President of South University of Science

and Technology of China


Jeffrey Lehman

Vice Chancellor of NYU Shanghai

Mary Bullock

Former Executive Vice Chancellor of Duke

Kunshan University

Jane M Jacobs

Director of the Division of Social Sciences

at Yale-NUS College

14:30-14:35 Video(Blessings to PKUSZ)
14:35-15:05 Keynote Speech

Medical Education in a New Era

Tim Mitchison

Professor of Medical School at Harvard

University, Member of National Academy

of Sciences, USA, Fellow of Royal Society


Hongwei Xia

Director of Office of International

Relations PKU

15:05-15:45 Panel Discussion

Healthy China 2030


Gang Huang

President of Shanghai University of

Medicine& Health Sciences


Hong Wu

Dean of the School of Life Sciences at

Peking University

Zhijie Zheng

Dean of SJTU School of Public Health

Fan Wu

Director of Diseases Control And

Prevention Center in Shanghai

15:45-16:15 Running a top school in the world

Michael Roth

President of Wesleyan University

16:15-16:45 Running a top school in the world

K. C. Nicolaou

Professor of Chemistry at Rice University,Member of National Academy of Science,

USA, Wolf Prize Winner

16:45-16:55 Closing Speech

Leading future by Integrity and Innovation

Song Gao

Vice President of Peking University



Professor Keith Hand, University of California, Hastings, “Understanding China’s System for Addressing Conflicts in Legislation,” December 1

Date & Time: 12:30 p.m., December 1

Venue: B218, PKU Shenzhen

Speaker: Keith Hand, Associate Dean for Global Programs, Director of the East Asian Studies Program and Professor of Law at University of California, Hastings

Lecture Title: “Understanding China’s System for Addressing Conflicts in Legislation: Capacity Challenges and Implications for Constitutional Review”

Lecture Language: English

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