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STL Students’ Union Second Board Meeting

Students' Union Second Board Meeting

April 7, 2014, the 2rd STL Students’ Union (STLSU) board meeting was held in B218. The Presidium, the Directors of each department and delegates of members presented the meeting.

Chen Zhengliang, the Vice President of STLSU, first reported the summary of works in last semester. STLSU did a great job in the last semester. The Halloween Party has become one of the biggest celebrations for the whole Peking University Shenzhen campus. In addition, the STL Annual Cocktail Party which was co-organized by STLSU was of great success. Both the guests and the students had a memorable night in STL. With the effort of STLSU, a new platform which facilitate the communication between the school and the student, which is the Dean’s Meeting, has been created. Under this platform, many valuable suggestions from students had contributed to the development of the school.

Li Hang, the President of STLSU, then introduced the upcoming events for this semester. Besides the traditional events like Supper Clubs and experience sharing seminars, there are fresh events under planning, e.g. the Dean’s Cup Basketball Competition and the STL Annual Public Interest Auction.

Song Daoping, the Vice President of STLSU, finally started a discussion on the current challenges for STLSU. He hosted the reflections on several topics. After the brainstorming, some valuable suggestions were made from the members and it is believed that more improvements are coming to make STLSU a more efficient organization which best serves the students.

(Reported by WU Guanhua)

The Chinese Bar Examination Seminar Was Held

April 4 2014, the Chinese bar examination seminar was held by STL Students’ Union in B218. As known to all students, the Chinese bar is of great importance for the future practice in China. The students who have passed Chinese bar exam last year were invited to introduce their preparation methods, time management, and other tips for the exam.

The panel first gave a brief introduction about themselves, notifying that the preparation is quite personalized, it is better to be selective for these suggestions. They detailed their own preparation experience subject by subject. Most of them mentioned the importance of time management and hard-working.

The Students’ Union is devoted to benefit the students and represent the best interest of the students. This seminar meets the needs of the student and provides the ideal platform for the communication between STL students.

(Reported by SUN Juanshan;Photo by SUN Juanshan)

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