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Founded in November 2012, Peking University Intellectual Property Association (IPA) is a practical and non-profit students’ association supported by both Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL). IPA is STL’s first academic association and provides a great platform for communication for IP professionals and students who are interested in this field. IPA has built sound relationships with large and medium-size enterprises from Guangdong and Hong Kong, as well as local government and law firms. IPA is honored to have Prof. Francis Snyder and Prof. Wei Zhi as Faculty Supervisors. IPA has formed an Advisory Committee consisting of distinguished IP lawyers and PKU alumni, who have played a vital role in the development of IPA.

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SWL is born with the mission to promote the interests of STL students, both women and men, and also strives to exert a positive influence on campus for all students. As a career-oriented organization, SWL works on a bilingual basis, and explores ways for members to practice their soft skills through well-designed projects and high standards of work.

SWL projects for this year will include:

  1. Academics & Internship Experience Exchanging Meeting;
  2. Visit Courts in Shenzhen and Hongkong;
  3. Visit Huawei Corporation;
  4. One Day in a Law Firm;
  5. Mentor-Mentee Program (1L-2L);
  6. Challenge Cup of Chinese Environmental Law (Directed by Prof. Jin Zining);
  7. Party with Exchange Student;
  8. Penal Discussion with Lawyers;
  9. Journalism workshop;
  10. Photo & Writing Contest
  11. Team Building Activity

Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF)

Established in the winter of 2013, PILF is dedicated to facilitating access for STL students to engage in public interest work, while in law school and after graduation, in all capacities. PILF promotes its goals by fundraising and sponsoring public interest events to educate STL students about the rewarding career possibilities in public interest law.

What We Do

  1. Public Interest Law Conference
    PILF will invite attorneys from several public interest organizations. This conference will give STL students great opportunities to hear from and meet with leaders in the legal community. This conference also aims to promote best practices and innovation, connect lawyers with public interest groups, and promote a culture of public service in the legal profession.
  2. Summer Internship Grants
    Summer Internship Grants enable STL students to accept summer employment with public interest firms and organizations that desperately need student assistance but do not have the resources to compensate summer interns. Each year, PILF will sponsor a number of STL students to work in unpaid, term-time internships. After a competitive application process, PILF makes grants of up to X yuan to each student. Grant decisions take several factors into account, including but not limited to: the type of legal work involved and the population served, the student’s commitment to public interest work, and the student’s capacity to serve on the PILF Board.
  3. Loan Forgiveness Program
    STL graduates who wish to pursue a career in public interest law may be deterred by the massive burden of debt undertaken to complete law school. PILF will provide financial assistance to graduating students who accept lower-paying public interest employment but need help in repaying educational loans.

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