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Peking University School of Transnational Law Students’ Union (STLSU) is the official body that represents all STL students and acts as their advocate. Founded and growing along with STL, STLSU continues onto its 5th year.

With our tenet as “Of the students, By the students, For the students”, and with our responsibility as protecting the rights and promoting the development of STL students, STLSU is devoted into sincere service for all STLers, bridging students and the school, in the spirit of independence, democracy and unity.


The Students’ Union is led by the Presidium, with 8 departments functioning as follows:

The Presidium

The Presidium serves as the head of the Students’ Union. It maintains an awareness of the general and major issues affecting students, steers the development of the Students’ Union, and supervises the overall administration.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat ensures the fluent communication and execution in all activities. The secretariat helps in the precise decision-making process directed by the Presidium, executes the instructions from the Presidium, investigates and coordinates the progress of all STLSU’s departments. The secretariat serves in the construction and administration of internal regulations, and routine filing, recording, and scheduling of the whole Students’ Union.

The Finance Department

The Finance Department deals with funding and financial support for all Student Union’ activities, aiming for financial autonomy. Financial reports of the Students’ Union are announced by the Finance Department regularly, and open for the supervision from the whole school and its sponsors.

The Public Relations Department

The new Public Relations Department, formed by the merger of the SU Publicity Department and STL Media U, is devoted to creating an outstanding brand and welcoming image of the Students’ Union. The Public Relations Dept. provides immediate news report and school and Student Union announcements on the school website and all social media platforms and maintains websites and various media support for all events.

The Student Campaign Department

The Student Campaign Department is a newly established department that organizes democratic mechanisms with the aim of full student participation in the progress of the Students’ Union as well s the careful consideration of student requests. The Petition website of the Students’ Union is currently run by the Student Campaign Department. On the Petition website, anyone can raise his/her claim and collect “Likes” as appraisals, among which those with more than 20 “Likes” will be reported to the representatives of related offices as petitions of the students at the Dean-SU joint meeting. If and after the school authorities reach a solution, the Students’ Union will publicize any such solution. Such democratic proceedings held by the Student Campaign Department is essential to the protection and furtherance of student interests, a healthy interaction between students and school authority and to the school’s development.

The Education Department

The Education Department helps all students toward better academic performance and career development. With the aim of “mastering both Chinese and Western learning”, the Education Department holds various events including lectures, TEDx, and experience-sharing panels.

The Student Activities Department

The Student Activities Department organizes various entertainment and sports events (including the annual Halloween Party, New Year Party and all sports games) and also maintains the preparation for campus-wide contests or events in which STL participates.

The International Department

With the rapid increase of international students at STL, the International Department is established with the vision of providing assistance and protecting the rights of the international students, and bridging the gap of different cultures and languages. To promote communication and friendship between students from all countries, the International Department holds various events.

The League of STL Student Associations

The League of STL Student Associations is established as a platform for communication, coordination and sharing of financial, media, and human resources between all the student organizations of STL, with the aim of harmony and joint prosperity of all organizations. Currently, members of the League of STL Student Associations include: the Society of Women in Law, the Association of Investment Bank and Law Firm (STL section), the Intelligence Property Association, the Legal Aid Center and all sport teams of STL (basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton and table tennis).

Members of STL Students’ Union

The Presidium

President: Li Hang
Vice-Presidents: Song Daoping, Chen Zhengliang

The Secretary Department

Secretary General: Li Jianwei
Secretaries: Shen Tongyu, Mou Mingrui

The Finance Department

Minister: Zhang Bo
Vice Ministers: Gao Lei, Feng Guanhao
Members: Cui Shaoxuan, Shen Tongyu, Liu Wenyuan, Yi Weiming, Ye Nan

The Public Relation Department

Minister: Wu Guanhua
Vice Minister: Wu Mengqiu
Members: Xue Jieqiong, Wang Yantian, Sun Juanshan, Han Junfei, Qiao Yu, Zhang Yan, Deng Dixin, Jiang Fuchao

The Academic Department

Minister: Long Yan
Vice Minister: Zhu Jiefang
Members: Chen Xiaoding, Gong Ao, Guo Xi, Wang Yushi, An Qiyu, Liu Shimeng, Wang Zhiqi

The Student Campaign Department

Minister: Li Xiaozheng
Members: Wen Liuqing, Ruan Shiwei, Jiao Difei

The Student Activity Department

Minister: Wang Zhouchi
Vice Ministers: Wu Danlei, Jiang Shan
Members: Li Mengshi, Yu Yadian, Zhang Yan, An Qiyu, Zhao Li Xu Zuo

The International Student Department

Minister: Xiao Hang
Vice Minister: Kim Hahn
Members: Han Yanjun, Wang Lingling

The Student Association Union Department

Minister: Luo Maobin
Vice Ministers: Liu Yi, Ye Feng
Members: Wang Wei, Zhang Shuang, Xie Xinye

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