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  • 我院Stephen Minas教授撰写并于欧洲议会讨论关于欧盟和国际气候变化法的政策报告

我院Stephen Minas教授撰写并于欧洲议会讨论关于欧盟和国际气候变化法的政策报告

我院助理教授Stephen Minas近期为欧洲进步研究基金会起草了题为“Framing a Just Transition Mission – Mainstreaming an All-Encompassing Approach”的政策报告。Minas教授是气候变化治理、技术转移和跨国法律结构领域的学者。他在报告中提供了主流化“合乎公义的过度(just transition)”战略的新方案以加速气候行动,创造就业机会,指导公众行为。“合乎公义的过度(just transition)”战略旨在积极解决从化石燃料转移到气候友好能源过程中产生的就业和社会问题,这需要国际社会、欧盟和相关法律政策的支持。


The just transition agenda aims t o manage overarching societal change in the broad context of responding to climate change. The goal of preventing dangerous climate change demands rapid and far-reaching changes in sectors such as energy, transport and industrial production. As climate policies are increasingly put into practice, the economic and social consequences of climate action for workers, communities, regions and whole countries are multiplying and becoming increasingly potent.

The aim of this paper is therefore to build on recent discussions and provide an analysis of the broader and ongoing developments in the agenda on just transition, which is being pursued at both EU and international levels. Central to the approach proposed in this paper is to mainstream the just transition agenda, by reframing just transition from a component of the climate policy response (of greater or lesser priority) to an overarching ‘mission’ that can include, mobilise and empower diverse actors at EU, regional, Member State and local levels.