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2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, STL will hold virtual Commencement Ceremony for Class of 2020 starting from 9:00 a.m. Saturday, June 20, 2020. More details are below:


Congratulations from Faculty

Philip McConnaughay
Mark Feldman
Ray Campbell
Stephen Minas
Christian Pangilinan
Joy Xiang
Norman Ho
Leo Liu
Danny Friedmann
Charly Zhang
Colleen Toomey
Qian Wang
Seth Chertok

First, let me congratulate the Class of 2020.  You have achieved much.  Your course of study was in a foreign language.  Having studied 8 foreign languages, I know that is not easy.  You have also completed your studies under difficult circumstances.  Obtaining and keeping a job is not easy now.  Second, let me tell you my hopes for you: that you will put to good use what you have learned at STL and that you will contribute to strengthening the rule of law and human flourishing.  Best wishes.” —Preston Torbert

Congratulations to the Class of 2020. Under normal circumstances, your achievement would be worthy of high praise and respect. But knowing the state of the planet, your graduation is an unmistakable moment of hope for all who care about justice. You are poised to do great things and it is not an overstatement in the least to acknowledge how much we need you. It has been one of the great privileges of my life to come to know many of you. Be well and safe. And joyful in engaging your life to the lives of others.” —Mark Rosenbaum

STL Class of 2020. This is Francis Snyder, I’ve been honoured and delighted to be your teacher, and I would like to wish you all the very best for the future. Congratulations!” — Francis Snyder

Big congrats !Class of 2020! As your class counselor, I’m so proud each of you for making 4 years STL journey successful. Today is a time to say goodbye but also a time to say hello for your bright future , wish all of you good luck and never give up chasing your dreams! 祝大家毕业快乐,前程似锦,最重要的是,好好生活!”— Xu Wenwen

Congratulations from Alumni and Students

Zhang Fengming, Class of 2020
Qi Xin, Class of 2018
Song Jiayi, Class of 2018
Lu Aobo, Class of 2019
Chen Chang, Class of 2016
Xu Yuting, Class of 2021
Wang Xinye, Class of 2012
Guo Fan, Class of 2014
Hou Yingnan, Class of 2021
Qin Shijie, Class of 2020
Zhang Wenjie, Class of 2020
Zhang Liang, Class of 2013
Saltanat Mukash, Class of 2020
Liu Liyan, Class of 2015
Gao Xi, Class of 2014
Song Chao, Class of 2016
Zhou Bin, Class of 2012
Wang Ru, Class of 2018
Li Yujie, Class of 2020
Qiu Shihao, Class of 2020
Feng Yang, Class of 2020

Li Chaofan, Class of 2020
Li Chaojie, Class of 2020
Ji Yang, Class of 2018
Zhang Junqi, Class of 2016

“热烈祝贺STL2020届同学们顺利毕业!在这样特别的一年里走出的你们,经历了特别的洗礼。这个世界跨越国界的共鸣到共行的一路坎坷,是新的挑战,也是新的机遇。你们的学识成就与视野,比以往任何时候更可贵,路遥更知马力,更是前路不愁知己。再次祝福你们远大前程! Congratulations to the STL Class of 2020! ”

 — Zhou Yu, Class of 2014