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Sophie Wang
Senior Officer of Development and Career Services
Phone: 086-0755-2603-2572

To get our alumni more organized in participating in the development of our school and updating their current status, we established STL’s Alumni Advisory Board in September 2018. The board members are alumni representatives from all graduated classes. The board is expected to serve many important purposes, such as generating placement opportunities by providing information and making connection; helping with the school’s employment outreaching and student admission; organizing more alumni gathering; advising on school development and approaching resources. In October 14, 2018, the board held its first meeting at STL, important issues such as the management of the board, the role and the goal of board were discussed at the meeting.

Current Members of STL Alumni Advisory Board

Class of 2008-王新野 WANG Xinye,Beijing, Zhonglun, Lawyer

Class of 2008-吴涵 WU Han, Beijing, KWM, Partner

Class of 2008-朱旭 ZHU Xu, Shanghai, Freshfield, Lawyer

Class of 2008-杨帆 YANG Fan, Seattle, USA, In House Counsel, & Administrator

Class of 2009-费洁琼 FEI Jieqiong, Shenzhen, in house lawyer

Class of 2009-孙小莉 SUN Xiaoli, Shenzhen, Investment manager

Class of 2009-张凯翔 ZHANG Kaixiang, Chengdu, TAHOTA law firm, partner

Class of 2010-陈志 CHEN Zhi, Chengdu, Government, civil servant

Class of 2010-赵枫 ZHAO Feng, Beijing, Jingtian & Gongcheng, lawyer

Class of 2010-于伟业 YU Weiye, Beijing, AVIC International, in house lawyer

Class of 2010-周聿 ZHOU Yu, Geneva, Switzerland, UNHCR, Associate Protection Officer

Class of 2010-朱奕宣 ZHU Yixuan, NYC, USA, QE, lawyer

Class of 2010-王辉 WANG Hui, Shanghai, Fangda Lawyer

Class of 2011-高溪 GAO Xi, Washington, D.C., USA, QE, Lawyer

Class of 2011-韩丽梅 HAN Limei, Shenzhen, Senior manager

Class of 2012-陈盛兰 CHEN Shenlan, Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, PhD Scholar

Class of 2012-周青 ZHOU Qing, Beijing, lawyer

Class of 2012-吴冠华 WU Guanhua, Beijing, NAFMII, Associate

Class of 2013-王腾 WANG Teng, The Netherlands, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Lawyer

Class of 2013-高蕾 GAO Lei, Shenzhen, Bank, in house lawyer

Class of 2013-夏志毅 XIA Zhiyi, Shanghai, Zhonglun Lawyer

Class of 2013-龚翱 GONG Ao, Shenzhen, CICC, Investment manager