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Jennifer Thornton, Vice President of Business Roundtable, visited PKU STL

Jennifer Thornton, Vice President of Business Roundtable, spoke on U.S. trade policy at Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) on March 21st. The event was moderated by Professor Mark Feldman, Interim Dean of STL.

STL 2024 Commencement Ceremony

Time: May 25, 10:00 a.m. Venue: International Conference Center, PKU Shenzhe

Professor Susan Finder Speaks at the Chinese Academy of Law and Social Studies at Shanghai Jiaotong Uni...

Professor Finder spoke in Chinese, setting out the highlights of her forthcoming article to be published in China Law and Society Review on How the Supreme People’s Court Supports the Development of Foreign-Related Rule of Law.

Professor Sang Yop Kang was Invited to an International Academic Conference Held by ECUPL

Professor Kang highlighted China's unique socio-economic system during the conference while explaining cases related to China's distinctive hostile takeovers, such as the Vanke-Baoneng incident. He argued that the existing discussions and theories surrounding hostile takeovers are not able to directly apply to China's situation.

Professor Nitzan Shilon Advocates Developing China’s Market Institutions to Complement its Financial R...

At the 14th Shanghai Lujiazui Forum, one of China’s premium international financial dialogue platforms, Professor Nitzan Shilon at the Peking University School of Transnational Law has advocated for the development of China’s market institutions to complement its financial regulation.

STL Class Field-trip to the Supreme People’s Court’s First Circuit Court

After learning about the breadth, development and impact of Chinese judicial reforms, the class members had a chance to see the inside of a Chinese court with their own eyes.

Interim Dean Mark Feldman: Be Curious

"When STL was established in 2008, we were unique. What is compelling, and exciting, is that we are just as unique in 2023. Our model is difficult to replicate. That was an enormous advantage in 2008, and that advantage is equally significant in 2023. What we certainly did not have in 2008 was 1,000 alumni, making significant contributions throughout China and throughout the world, with a deep, lasting commitment to the school. STL’s future is promising."

STL Participation in Milestone COP28 Climate Conference

STL professor Stephen Minas participated in the conference in several capacities, including as a participant in negotiations, a member of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee and as an organiser or speaker in various panel discussions.

Professor Sang Yop KANG Taught Corporate Governance at the University of Tokyo

Professor Kang’s lectures focused on (1) a theoretical explanation of controlling shareholders’ tunneling activities (a general theoretical approach rather than specific to any jurisdiction) and (2) issues related to China's dual-class equity structures and other aspects of corporate governance.

Visiting Professor Leonardo Borlini Participated in the 4th Academic Symposium on Corruption and Shared...

In his talk at the Symposium, he discussed the main findings of this article, which complements the gap in research on the functioning and results of the monitoring and compliance mechanism (MMs) of the international anti-corruption treaties. It focuses on the main patterns of text data analysis using computer processes to identify and compare achievements and shortcomings in the implementation and compliance of international anti-corruption rules.