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Study Abroad

Study abroad programs are a core part of the academic experience at STL. By graduation, close to 40 percent of our students will have experienced study abroad. Employers routinely cite study abroad experience as distinguishing characteristics of STL graduates.

The programs provide opportunities for students to spend a semester or summer at an elite overseas partner institution, deepening their study of foreign law, building international peer networks, and gaining language and cross-cultural skills that will equip them for transnational legal practice. Students return home with a broader comparative perspective on their legal studies and an enduring connection to their host country.

Our current exchange partners are: Maastricht University (Netherlands), Bucerius Law School (Germany), EBS Law School (Germany), University of Lausanne (Switzerland), Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Stockholm University (Sweden), Tel Aviv University (Israel), Aix–Marseille University (France), University of Indiana (USA), University of Iowa (USA), University of Miami (USA), University of Zagreb (Croatia), IE University (Spain), Ramon Llull University (ESADE) (Spain), Deakin University (Australia), Jindal Global Law School (India).

STL students are also eligible to apply for the exchange programs signed between Peking University and other top universities of the world.

Typically, study abroad takes place during a student’s 3L year, and selections are made early in the Spring semester of the student’s 2L year. Study abroad terms last one semester. For more information, students should consult OIP’s General Guidelines for Study Abroad, which contains policies on applications, transfer credit, and specific details about each exchange partner.