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Faculty Scholarship

Professor Joy Y Xiang Spoke at WTO Workshop on Technology Transfer to the LDCs

The three-day workshop explored ways to implement Article 66.2 of the WTO TRIPS Agreement to enhance technology transfer to the least developed countries (LDCs).

Professor Asif H Qureshi Published a Monograph entitled The Americanisation of the World Trade Order

This work is intended essentially as a focus on some of the challenges of accommodating the phenomenon of an economic superpower into a normative framework, for an international trading order the ownership of which rests with the international community.

Dr Stephen Minas & Colleagues Cited in Landmark IPCC Report

The IPCC brings together leading experts from the natural and social sciences to provide regular assessments to the world’s governments on the state of climate change and the global response to it.

Dr Stephen Minas in ITU Panel Discussion on ICTs & Climate Change

Dr Minas discussed the importance of digitalization in the energy sector and the role of ICTs in making finance more sustainable. Dr Minas emphasized that the ‘information society’ is a key enabler of the net-zero society.

Professor Nitzan Shilon Interviews on Personal Liability Around Bank Hapoalim Scandal in Israel

Shilon urged the “clawback” of unearned executive compensation and called for imposing personal financial liability on Hapolaim’s directors and officers.

Distinguished Scholar in Residence Susan Finder Spoke on a EU-China Legal and Judicial Cooperation (EUPLANT) Panel

Ms. Susan Finder spoke about the role of the SPC in creating a Chinese domestic and foreign-related legal infrastructure that keeps pace with China’s place in the world.

Professor Friedmann Proposes Universal Register for Distinctive Wines And Spirits GIs in Journal of World Intellectual Property

Professor Danny Friedmann’s article explores the rational justifications of enhanced protection of wines and spirits GIs against dilution through the lens of universality, and distinctiveness.

Professor Sang Yop Kang Published a Book in Korea

The book is coauthored with Professors SHIN Hyun-Yoon and HONG Myung-Soo, leading antitrust and competition law scholars in Korea. In this book, the three authors explain the current business situation of corporate groups in Korea, ownership structures, and the law and regulation based on the Fair Trade and Monopoly Regulation Act (FTMRA) and policies of the government, in particular, the Korea Fair Trade Commission.

Professor Joy Xiang Invited to Present at Leading International Conferences and U.S. IP Programs

The Colloquium is a joint effort between the WTO and the WIPO to strengthen IP teaching and research capacities in developing countries and economies in transition. It is a two-week intensive program exploring key IP topics relevant to global trade and development.

Professor Sang Yop Kang Published Two Articles in Korea

The topics of these two articles are related to the intersection of competition law and corporate law and they were both published in top law journals in Korea.