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STL News

New book on BRI and the EU co-edited by Prof Minas, with chapter by Prof Snyder

The book is published by Routledge and features chapters by scholars and practitioners based in both China and Europe on various aspects of the EU’s engagement with the BRI.

STL Distinguished Scholar in Residence Susan Finder Quoted in the Financial Times

Susan Finder comments that these 996 cases “are model, or exemplary cases—not as binding as the ‘guiding cases”—but these will guide the courts and labour arbitration commissions in a timely manner.”

STL Senior C.V. Starr Lecturer Ma Ji Quoted in The Guardian

Senior Lecturer Ma comments on the government’s challenge of promoting tech development while simultaneously preventing the abuse of data power by private parties.

“Factory Farming A Greater Pandemic Risk than Consumption of Exotic Animals”, Danny Friedmann

STL Assistant Professor Danny Friedmann publishes opinion essay in South China Morning Post about health risks associated with factory farms.

Professor Danny Friedmann Publishes Op-ed, Article and Editorial on Pandemic Prevention and Innovative Food

On the same topic Professor Friedmann authored an extensive article ‘Innovative Foods with Transparent Labels that Will Have the Next Pandemic for Breakfast’.

“Does the Strength of Investor Protection Laws Predict Capital Market Development?” Nitzan Shilon


“The Basis and Technology of Appraisal Case Analysis”, Huang Hui

The translated and edited article by Professor Huang Hui was originally published by the Journal of Law Application.

Professor Nitzan Shilon Presents His Current Working Paper in the US and Europe

The conferences are hosted by universities from the US and Europe and often engage multidisciplinary scholars from across the globe.

Remarks from Founding Dean Jeffrey Lehman at the 2021 Commencement Ceremony

“The STL story is very much your story. And STL will always be happy to welcome you home. “

Professor Norman Ho’s Speech at the 2021 Commencement Ceremony

Professor Norman Ho shared three thoughts having to do with the graduates’ new identities.