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Duane Rudolph


“To study remedies is to understand why litigants care about the legal system and why the legal system exists. It is to study what kinds of claims matter, why they matter, when, where, and how they are rewarded with various kinds of judicial relief, by whom. The field of remedies is necessarily about the law’s forgotten, vulnerable, disenfranchised, and uncared-for peoples. They have often long been denied remedies of various sorts because the legal system has refused to honor their suffering with grants of remedial relief.”

  • 个人简历

    Duane Rudolph助理教授的研究方向是美国法律中救济的持续权力(the continuing power of remedies),特别是美国救济法的分支,称为衡平救济,它至少占美国救济制度的一半。他的工作是跨学科的,他主张公平和法律方面支持边缘化和被剥夺权利人群的人类尊严。他主要从事劳动就业、财产、水权、侵权等案件。他支持妇女权利、宗教少数群体、残疾人和有组织的劳工的权利。  

    Rudolph教授曾在缅因大学法学院(民事诉讼、法律冲突、救济和法律实践方向)和哈佛法学院(水资源法)教授美国法。此外,他还担任过哈佛法学院 Reginald F. Lewis法学教学研究员,剑桥大学出版社的同行评审员,并曾在纽约市的律师事务所从事法律工作。他曾在马萨诸塞州波士顿的一家公益组织实习。在人文学科方面,他曾在夏威夷大学马诺阿分校、康奈尔大学和巴黎十二大学马恩河谷分校任教。

  • 主授课程
    • 侵权法(一)
    • 侵权法(二)
  • 研究成果


    • Of Moral Outrage in Judicial Opinions,26 Wm. & Mary J. of Race, Gender, and Soc. Just.(2020)
    • When Should Water Belong to the Public?,2019 Mich. State L. Rev. 1389 (2019) (invited)
    • Workers, Dignity, and Equitable Tolling,15 Nw. J. Hum. Rts. 126(2017)
    • Why Prior Appropriation Needs Equity,18 U. Denv. Water L. Rev. 348(2015)
    • How Violence Killed an American Labor Union,67 Rutgers U. L. Rev. 1407 (2015)
    • How Equity and Custom Transformed American Waste Law, 2 Prop. L. J.1 (2015) 


    • Rereading Rabelais’ Sacred Noise, 29 Renaissance et Réforme/ Renaissance and Reformation 23 (2005).
    • Book Review, 31 Biography 2 (2008) (reviewing Franz Posset, Renaissance Monks: Monastic Humanism in Six Biographical Sketches (2004)).
    • Book Review, 28 Biography 2 (2005) (reviewing Andrea Frisch, The Invention of the Eyewitness: Witnessing and Testimony in Early Modern France (2005)).
    • Denis Crouzet, A Law of Difference in the History of Difference: The First Edict of “Tolerance,” in Religious Differences in France: Past and Present (Kathleen Perry Long ed., Duane Rudolph, trans., 2006).
    • Christian Jouhaud, Religion and Politics in France during the Period of the Edict of Nantes (1598-1695)in Religious Differences in France: Past and Present (Kathleen Perry Long ed., Duane Rudolph, trans., 2006).
  • 教育背景

    Harvard Law School, J.D., 2011 
    Inaugural Winner, Student Paper Prize in Political Economy. Vorenberg Equal Justice Fellowship recipient. 

    Cornell University, Ph.D., 2005
    Inaugural Winner, Award for Outstanding Service as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Sage Fellowship for Graduate Study. 

    Cornell University, M.A., 2001

    University of Zimbabwe, B.A. First Class Honours, 1997
    Full scholarship recipient from the French Government to study in La Réunion, France
    Full scholarship recipient from the Portuguese Government to study in Maputo, Mozambique

    Study Abroad: Bryn Mawr College, Institut d’Études Françaises d’Avignon, France, Summer 2000
    Full scholarship recipient