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【STL Law & Sustainability Colloquium】Biodiversity 2050: Can the Convention on Biological Diversity Deliver a World Living in Harmony with Nature?

Date&Time: Wednesday, April 7 @2PM – 3PM (Beijing Time)

Zoom Meeting Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 820 6503 9046


The Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD) ‘2050 Vision’ aims to achieve, by 2050, a world that is ‘living in harmony with nature.’ Yet biodiversity is threatened globally to an extent never before witnessed in human history. It is almost three decades since the CBD, the overarching global legal instrument for biodiversity, came into force. Today, we sit on the brink of the possible realization of a significant shift in the operation of the convention: the projected conclusion of the CBD’s post-2020 framework when parties meet in Kunming, China, for the fifteenth Conference of the Parties (COP-15). Can this process move the CBD from an instrument of aspiration to one of action? Can the convention draw from the lessons of its past to shape a global governance landscape that enables the future we want for humans and nature? This webinar will discuss the current state of biodiversity and the particular challenges of global biodiversity governance. It will set out developments under the CBD since its entry into force almost thirty years ago and evaluate the target-based approach of the CBD. The webinar concludes by setting out the fundamental and urgent changes required within and beyond international law so that humans and nature may thrive in the present and into the future.


Dr Michelle Lim, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie Law School

Dr Lim joined the Macquarie Law School as a Senior Lecturer in 2020. She is part of the executive group of the Centre for Environmental Law. Dr Lim was a fellow on the Global Assessment of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and is an author of the forthcoming IPBES-IPCC nexus report. She is the Book Review Editor of the Oxford Yearbook of International Environmental Law and sits on the Editorial Board of the Australian Environment Review and Environmental Law and Policy. Dr Lim is also a Board Member of the National Environmental Law Association – Australia’s premier environmental law organisation. Dr Michelle Lim’s interdisciplinary scholarship occurs at the intersection between biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods. Dr Lim’s work focuses on futures-oriented biodiversity law research aimed at advancing equity and sustainability under conditions of unprecedented environmental change.