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Book Talk on the Past and Future of Chinese IP

Date: September 24 (Friday), 2021

Time: 8:00 A.M. (Beijing Time)

Professor Mark Cohen of Berkeley Law, invited the authors of the 2nd edition of ‘Intellectual Property Law in China’, edited by Christopher Heath, and published in the Max Planck series on Asian Intellectual Property Law to discuss past and future of IP in China: 

– Professor Peter Ganea (Tonji University); 
– Professor Danny Friedmann (PKU STL);
– Professor Jyh-An Lee (Chinese University of Hong Kong);
Douglas Clark (Rouse). 

Professors Peter K. Yu (Texas A&M), Daryl Lim (University of Illinois Chicago) and Yahong Li (University of Hong Kong and visiting professor at PKU STL) are invited as discussants.

Join the event on Friday 24 September 2021, at 8 am Beijing time. Register here: