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STL Holds Commencement Celebrations for the Class of 2022

Peking University School of Transnational Law (“STL”) held its 2022 commencement on July 3 to celebrate the graduation of 124 J.D./J.M. and 4 LL.M. graduates.

In his remarks, STL Dean Philip J. McConnaughay said, “You, and your fellow STL graduates before you, are setting new standards of professionalism for the Chinese legal profession. It is your individual responsibility, to yourselves, to your clients, to your families, and to your law school, to live up to these expectations.   These are the attributes that will account for your professional reputation.  The example you set will be one of your greatest contributions to China, and to STL.”

As one of STL’s founding leaders and former vice president of PKU, Professor Hai Wen shared his story with STL. “I’ve been paying close attention to the development of both STL and STLers”, “STL’s fundamental mission is to educate  top Chinese students to serve the enterprises in an international context, which means you should not only protect their legitimate rights and interests, but help them understand transnational laws and regulations so that unnecessary conflicts and losses can be avoided to the largest extent.”

“The pattern of study and life has changed a lot since the outbreak of pandemic, leaving a lot of regrets” said Professor Huang Hui, “there is no perfect world but a way to cope, no perfect life but a mood for improvement.” “Our choice of profession dictates that we must intervene in right and wrong and clarify real disputes…I hope we don’t just love life because law is about life, but love life because we live it.”

Two J.D./J.M. graduate representatives Chen Xi and Xue Zeyu reflected on their time at STL and expressed sincere gratitude to their classmates, professors and friends for their dedication.

“I believe that service to our communities, to the country, to the world, is a core part of whom we are, of the mission that animates this Law School and this university…We are becoming lawyers, civil servants, and bankers after graduation, but nothing can stop us from being dreamers, thinkers, and advocatingwho voice for the vulnerable and reform our system,” Chen Xi said.

“STL hamstrings our belief toward justice. We get extremely encouraged when Professor Rosenbaum quotes that “the arc of history is long, but bends towards justice,” said Xue Zeyu.

Natália Sabova, LL.M. graduate from Slovakia, said in her speech that although she was not able to study offline in China, the challenges of the pandemic and her experience at STL allowed her “to grow personally and professionally”. This was driven by two main factors: the new cultural perspective brought by studying in a foreign country and the professional legal training provided by STL. She also encourages everyone to keep breaking out of their comfort zone and continue to explore the unknown in the next chapter of their lives.

In his keynote remarks, Judge He Zhonglin, vice president of the Intellectual Property Division of the Supreme People’s Court, shared his understanding of the spirit of legal professionals: “Innovation, Perseverance, Prudence and Preeminence”. “It’s my earnest hope that, when you leave the campus, you will walk into a life and career of innovation, perseverance, prudence and preeminence and become leading legal practitioners, care about the development of our country and serve the country of youth with the youth of struggle.”

Later on, STL Professor Norman Ho announced the names of all the graduates. President Hai Wen and STL Associate Dean Mao Shaowei turned tassel for them.

Like their predecessors, 2022 graduates are employed by top multinational law firms, domestic and foreign companies and financial institutions, state-owned enterprises and government departments.

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the global pandemic, STL Class of 2022 have succeeded beyond expectation. The new journey has started, best of luck to all graduates and be the change you wish to see in the world!

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