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STL Delegation Visit Germany for Chinese Law Faculty Recruitment

From October 9th through 17th, 2019, Peking University School of Transnational Law (“STL”) delegation, consisting of Professor Jin Zining, Professor Huang Hui, and Assistant Director of Personnel Wang Wei, travelled to Frankfurt, Freiburg and Berlin in Germany. They successfully held the Chinese Law Faculty Recruitment Seminar and the “Localization of German Legal Commentary and Case Analysis Method” Seminar. Both seminars have attracted many Doctor and Master students from various prestigious law schools in Germany. Additionally, the delegation approached leaders of the University of Frankfurt, Freiburg University, Humboldt University, and Free University of Berlin to introduce STL. The event not only helped promote mutual trust and cooperation, but also facilitated cultural exchanges between China and Germany.

On October 10, the delegation visited the German BUSE.DE law firm, partner of Deheng Law Firm. With Mr. Chang Hongbin, German representative of Deheng Law Firm and Wolfgang Meding, partner of BUSE.DE Law Firm, the delegation discussed the ever-growing presence of Chinese businesses in the German and European legal market. More specifically, they discussed the opportunities and conditions for STL students securing local internship in Germany.

On October 11, the delegation visited the University of Frankfurt School of Law. Ms. Shukvani, who is responsible for the exchange of foreign affairs at the Dean’s Office and Ms. Lewald, who is in charge of the LL.M. program, hosted them. Ms. Shen Dee Kobbelt and Ms. Chen Yuxiang, Program Officers at the School of Law and Economics also attended the meeting. All parties discussed and harbored preliminary intentions about student exchanges, visiting faculty, and overall cooperation.

Subsequently, the delegation held the first overseas Chinese Law Faculty Recruitment Seminar and the “Localizationof German Legal Commentary and Case Analysis Method” Seminar at University of Frankfurt School of Law and Economics Building. Many young scholars from distinguished universities attended the seminar, including University of Cologne, Heidelberg University, Freiburg University, and the University of Frankfurt. All attendees took turn sharing their thoughts on the issue based on their various specialties. They reached a consensus that, following the current needs of China’s legal teaching, research, and legal practice, it is necessary to incorporate localization issues while introducing German commentary and case analysis methods. The process cannot be completed overnight. Rather, it should be done gradually and should juxtapose current practice in legal teaching and research with this new approach to legal education.

After the seminar, Professor Moritz Bälz, Associate Dean of the University of Frankfurt School of Law and Deputy Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Center of East Asia, met with the delegation and provided them with a tour of the campus. After learning about the highly internationalized characteristics of STL, including its innovative teaching and research methods, he expressed a strong desire to visit STL and further establish a partnership.

On October 14, the delegation visited the University of Freiburg School of Law and met with Professor Jan von Hein – the Dean of the School of Law, Professor Jan Lieder – the Dean of the Faculty, and Professor Bu Yuanshi – the Head of the East Asia Department of International Economic Law. The University of Freiburg is a hotspot for both the study of Chinese law and comparative law study of Sino-European law in the German-speaking region. Both sides soon agreed to strengthen contact and cooperation. Later, the delegation discussed with Chinese scholars and students in Freiburg comparative law research and teaching methods.

On October 15th, the overseas Chinese Law Faculty Recruitment Seminar and the “Localizationof German Legal Commentary and Case Analysis Method” Seminar were successfully held at Humboldt University. More than a dozen Doctors of law from Humboldt University, Free University of Berlin, Göttingen University, University of Bremen, and Keisen University attended the event. They took turns sharing their opinions on the localization of German legal commentary and case analysis methods. A heated discussion ensued.

On the morning of October 16th, the delegation visited the Free University of Berlin. Dr. Marzik, the director of the Library of the Free University of Berlin School of Law, showed the delegation around in the library. Afterwards, two renowned scholars, Professor Philip Kunig and Professor Detlef Leenen, who had deep interactions with the Chinese legal community, met with the delegation to introduce the relationship between the Free University of Berlin and the former famous Berlin University.

All in all, the STL delegation’s tour for overseas recruitment in Germany has concluded successfully by opening the door for future cooperaiton with a number of acclaimed German universities.

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