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HKU Professor Shahla Ali Discusses Research on Court-Annexed Mediation

On June 19, STL hosted Dr. Shahla Ali, Associate Professor and Associate Dean at Hong Kong University Faculty of Law. Professor Ali offered a lecture on “Reforming Court Mediation: Lessons from Global Experience,” in which she examined comparative empirical data from a diverse group of countries to explore the association between court mediation (mandatory and voluntary) and perceptions of justice, efficiency and confidence in courts. The lecture drew on the extensive research on which Professor Ali based her new book, Court Mediation Reform: Efficiency, Confidence and Perceptions of Justice (Edward Elgar, 2018).

Professor Ali’s research and practice focus on questions of governance, development and the resolution of cross-border disputes in the Asia Pacific region. She has consulted with USAID, IFC/World Bank and the United Nations on issues pertaining to access to justice, peace process negotiation training and land use conflict resolution. She serves as a bilingual arbitrator (English/Chinese) with CIETAC, HKIAC (ADNDRC), SIAC and is a member of the IBA Drafting Committee for Investor-State Mediation Rules, the DOJ Mediation Regulatory Framework Sub-Committee, the UN Mediation Roster and the FDRC Appointments Committee.

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