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Associate Professor Minas co-facilitates negotiation at COP27 climate conference

At theCOP27 climate conferencein Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Associate ProfessorStephen Minasagain served as a UN climate negotiation co-facilitator. Each negotiating track has two co-facilitators, typically including one from a developing country and one from a developed country. Co-facilitators chair negotiating sessions and step out of their roles as national delegates to work to identify consensus outcomes, taking into account the positions of the various negotiating groups and delegations.

At COP27, Dr Minas co-facilitated negotiation concerning nationaltechnology needs assessments(TNAs)andregional climate technology transfer and financecentreshosted by multilateral development banks. Among other things, the conclusions adopted at the end of the negotiation agree to take stock of these activities ‘with a view to recommending a draft decision on this matter for consideration and adoption by the Conference of the Parties at its twenty-ninth session (November 2024) with the aim of supporting the implementation of activities, such as those identified and prioritized in developing countries’ nationally determined contributions, national adaptation plans, TNAs and technology action plans, and long-term strategies’.