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STL LL.M. Graduate Awarded 2019 PKU International Students Academic Award

The review of the Peking University Academic Award for 2019 was finished last December and Marius Stucki, an LL.M graduate from STL, was recognized as one of its recipients. The award was accorded to a total of 12 PKU students, two of which were law students. PKU International Students Academic Award is offered by Peking University to international students at PKU who are not only outstanding in virtue but also in their academic field. Marius Stucki is the first student of PKUSZ to receive this award.

Marius Stucki pursued his bachelor, master and Ph.D. degrees at the Universities of Bern and Geneva. During his time as a law student and as an intern in different areas of the Swiss judicial system, he became aware of the growing importance of Swiss-Chinese business relations in recent years. At the same time, he developed an interest in better understanding the Chinese perspective on cultural, political and economic issues.

In 2017, his increasing curiosity toward China led him to attend a language summer school at the University of Wuhan. Later in the same year, he applied to STL’s LL.M program and was admitted.

Talking about his life at STL, Marius says that “what I liked a lot about my classes at STL is the fact that we were always foreign and Chinese students together. This led to interesting discussions in and outside the classroom, particularly in the classes on western or Chinese legal theory. It was also quite an experience to see first-hand the discipline and dedication of many Chinese students, but also the pressure many are under to perform well.”

His two-year time studying at STL also gave him more insight into non-academic aspects of China: “Outside the classroom, some of my fondest memories are the language exchanges with fellow Chinese students. In those meetings, we would talk casually in English and (very basic) Chinese about whatever came to mind. Through the talks, I got to know my classmates and China a lot better, with memorable insights into traditional Chinese medicine, the origin of Chinese characters, the most recent TV dramas and so on. It was a huge pleasure to discuss all the small similarities and differences between everyday life in our countries for hours and hours and, through that, to find what will hopefully be long lasting friendships.”

In March, 2020, Marius started working on the China Desk of Altenburger Ltd legal + tax, a Swiss law firm. “Working as a lawyer on China-related matters, I frequently use what I learned at STL, including the structure of China’s legal system, rules on foreign investment or contract drafting”. Asked on his wishes for the development of STL, he states that “for future years, I’m hoping that STL can provide more support to foreign students who, during or after finishing the program, also wish to get some practical legal experience within China.” “Overall,” he says, “I’m hugely grateful for the experience”.


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