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Yuhao Wu

Assistant Professor of Law

  • Yuhao Wu’s research interests center on empirical legal study, criminal justice theory, and quantitative criminology. Yuhao Wu’s research is highly interdisciplinary. His recent work involves using statistical and computational methods to analyze court decisions and the functioning of the justice system. He is also interested in the broad idea of the place-based dimension of crime, with a focus on investigating how a sudden change in the environment affects crime. Some of his research has been published in several elite journals, such as Journal of Experimental Criminology, Crime, Law and Social Change, Asian Journal of Criminology, Global Law Review, Studies in Law and Business, and Peking University Law Journal.

    Yuhao Wu received his Bachelor of Laws, a B.A. in economics and his first Ph.D. in criminal law from Peking University. He received his second Ph.D. in criminology from University of Pennsylvania. Before joining STL, He was a research scientist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data.

    • Criminology

    • Empirical Legal Study

  • English Papers

    • Yuhao Wu and Greg Ridgeway, “Effect of Public Transit on Crime: Evidence from SEPTA strikes in Philadelphia”, Journal of Experimental Criminology, 2021, 17 (1), 267-286.

    • Yuhao Wu, “On the Effect of the Chinese Version of Speedy Trial and Plea Bargaining Pilot Programs: Observation from DUI Cases in Fujian Province”, Crime, Law and Social Change, 2020, 74(4), 457-484.

    • Yuhao Wu, “Is a Plea Really a Bargain? An Empirical Study of Six Cities in China”, Asian Journal of Criminology, 2020, 15(3), 237-258.

    • Sara-Laura Faraji, Greg Ridgeway, andYuhao Wu, “Effect of Emergency Winter Homeless Shelters on Property Crime” Journal of Experimental Criminology, 2018, 14(2), 129-140.

    Chinese Papers

    • 吴雨豪, “量刑自由裁量权的边界:集体经验、个体决策与偏差识别”,《法学研究》2021 年第6 期,第109-129 页(人大复印报刊资料《诉讼法学、司法制度》2022 年第4 期全文转载)。[“The Boundary of Sentencing Discretion: Collective Experience, Individual Decision and Sentencing Deviations ”, Chinese Journal of Law, 2021, Vol.43, No.6, pp.109-129.]

    • 吴雨豪,“认罪认罚‘从宽’裁量模式之实证研究——基于部分城市醉酒型危险驾驶罪的定量研究”,《中外法学》2020 年第5 期,第1231-1255 页(人大复印报刊资料《诉讼法学、司法制度》2021 年第4 期全文转载)。[“An Empirical Study on the Decision-Making Mode of Imposing Leniency on Admission of Guilty and Acceptance of Punishment: Evidence from DUI cases”, Peking University Law Journal, 2020, vol.3, pp.1231-1255.]

    • 吴雨豪,“刑罚威慑的理论重构与实证检验”,《国家检察官学院学报》2020 年第3 期, 第117-137 页(人大复印报刊资料《刑事法学》2020 年第9 期全文转载)。[“The Empirical Study of Deterrence Theory”, Journal of National Prosecutors College, 2020, vol. 3, pp.117-137.]

    • 吴雨豪, “论终身监禁的刑罚威慑效力——基于美国‘三振出局’制度之考察”,《中国应用法学》2019年第3 期,第90-102 页。[“The Deterrent Effect of Life without Parole: Based on Three Strikes Law in USA”, China Review of Administration of Justice, 2019, vol. 4, pp. 90-102.]

    • 吴雨豪, “死刑威慑效力之实证研究——基于死刑复核权收回前后犯罪率的分析”,《法商研究》2018年第4 期,第93-106 页。[“Empirical Study on the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: Based on Crime Rates before and after Retrieval of Death Case Review Authorization”, Studies in Law and Business, 2018, vol. 4, pp. 301-328.]

    • 吴雨豪, “论终身监禁作为死刑的替代措施”,《环球法律评论》2017 年第1 期,第131-148 页。[“Comments on Life without Parole as an Alternative to Death Penalty”, Global Law Review, 2017, vol.1, pp. 131-148.]

    • 吴雨豪, “论先行行为不作为犯的边界”,《刑事法评论》2014 年第1 期,第301-328 页。[“Boundaries for Omission Crime due to Antecedent Act”, Criminal Law Review, 2014, vol. 36, pp. 301-328.]

    • 吴雨豪, “利用欺骗方法兼并企业后取财的定性研究——对龙鹏武、龙雄武诈骗案的分析”,《刑事法判解》2015 年第2 期,第135-158 页。[“Judgment on Fraud in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Case Study on Yaowu and Pengwus Fraud Case”, Criminal Case Review, 2018, vol.18, pp.43-52.]

    • 吴雨豪,“聚合类网络服务商著作权侵权的刑事处罚边界”,《电子知识产权》2014 年第9 期,第65-71 页。[“Criminal Responsibility of Internet Service Provider”, Electronics Intellectual Property, 2014, no.9, pp.65-71.]

    • 吴雨豪, “论诈骗罪中的处分行为”,《中国检察官》2014 年第18 期,第10-13 页。[“The Delivery in Fraud”, China Prosecutor, 2014, vol.204, no.9, pp.10-14.]

    • 吴雨豪,“论国际刑法中的紧急避险和被迫行为”,《研究生法学》2014 年第1 期,第136-144 页。[“Necessity and Duress in International Criminal Law”, Graduate Law Review, 2014, vol.29, no.1, pp.136-144.]

    • 吴雨豪, “论著作权中的默示许可——从“方正诉宝洁”案说起”,《网络法律评论》2013 年第1 期,第245-258 页。[“Implied License in Copyright: A Discussion On ‘Founder Electronics v. PG’”, Internet Law Review, 2013, vol.16, no.1, pp.245-258.]

    Book Chapter

    • 《判例刑法教程(分则篇)》,(陈兴良主编,江溯副主编),北京大学出版社2015 年版(销售假冒伪劣产品罪部分)。[“Production and Sale of Counterfeit Goods” in Chen Jiang ed., Casebook for Criminal Law, Beijing: Peking University Press, 2015.]

    • Ph.D. in Criminology, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Criminology

    • Ph.D. in Criminal Law, Peking University, Law School

    • LL.B., Peking University, Yuanpei Program

    • B.A. in Economics, Peking University, National School of Development

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