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Thomas Yunlong Man

Professor from Practice

“Globalization of legal services is the future of the legal profession, and STL is uniquely positioned to provide cross-jurisdictional, cross-cultural training for the rising generation of legal professionals aspiring to ride the waves of cross-border business transactions. As a lawyer scholar, I am committed to share my decades’ experiences in working with Chinese and foreign business clients with STL students to sharpen their skills in transacting bilingual, multilingual business activities.”

  • Thomas Y. Man’s academic interests encompass evidence law, comparative judicial process, cross-border business transactions and legal history. In addition to various academic appointments with Peking University and Harvard-Yenching Institute of Harvard University, he has 17 years of law practice in cross-border M&A and corporate transactions with a number of leading international law firms in Chicago, Shanghai and Beijing, including as a partner with Baker & McKenzie, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, Hogan Lovells and Morrison & Foerster. During his law practice, he participated and led numerous cross-border transactions, including several projects that were named “Deal of the Year” in the China market by leading law publications. He was listed as a “Leading Lawyer” in the Mergers & Acquisition and Project Finance categories by International Financial Law Review in 2011.  In 2015, he was appointed to the Council for the International Association of Evidence Science.

    Professor Man serves as arbitrator of Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SIAC) and Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center (BIAC). He also teaches as an adjunct professor at China University of Political Science and Law.

    • Evidence Law

    • Comparative Evidence Law

    • Emerging Chinese Evidence Jurisprudence in Comparative Perspective

    • Foreign Direct Investment in China

    • Law and Practice of Chinese-Foreign Business Transactions

    • A Dialogue Between Law and History: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Facts and Evidence (eds. with Baosheng Zhang and Lin Jing), Springer (2020).

    • “Prefece” to Thomas Yunglong Man (eds. with Baosheng Zhang and Lin Jing), A Dialogue Between Law and History: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Facts and Evidence, Springer (2020).

    • How We Get to Know What Aaron Burr Did? Ascertaining Past Facts in History and in Law, in Thomas Yunglong Man (eds. with Baosheng Zhang and Lin Jing), A Dialogue Between Law and History: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Facts and Evidence, Springer (2020).

    • Judicial Repudiation of ‘Constructive’ Treason: The Aaron Burr Treason Trial (“推定”叛国的司法否定——伯尔叛国罪审判探研), Language and Law Studies, No. 1 (2020).

    • Pioneering Legal Service in the New Age of Foreign Direct Investment in China, Preface to A Practical Guide to China’s New Foreign Investment Law, Robert Lewis, et al. (外商投资指南:《外商投资法》时代合同模版与适用指引), Beijing: Legal Press (August 2020).

    • Across History and Law: Two Types of Past Facts and Factfinding (历史与法律之间:两类既往事实及其认定模式),  Journal of Xiamen University (Arts & Social Sciences), Vol. 257, No. 1 (2020).

    • Truth in History and in Law: Fact-finding in Cross-disciplinary Context, Storia della Storiografia (History of Historiography), Vol. 76, No. 2 (2019).

    • Relations between Evidence and Illegally Obtained Evidence (“非法证据”与“证据”的关系), Social Sciences Forum (社会科学论坛), Issue 2 (2018)

    • Chinese Forensic Examination: An Institutional and Functional Analysis, Proof in Modern Litigation: Evidence Law and Forensic Science Perspectives , David Caruso & Zhuhao Wang, eds., Barr Smith 2017.

    • The Constitutional Dimensions of American Evidence Law (美国证据法的宪法维度), Renmin Law Review (人大法律评论), Issue 2, 2016 (October 2016)

    • Vitriolic in Rhetoric, Independent in Spirit: Justice Antonin Scalia, Peking University Transnational Law Review, Vol. 4, Issue 2, 2016

    • Report on China Justice Index 2014, 2015, 2016 (中国司法文明指数报告), China University of Political Science and Law Press, January 2015, 2016, 2017 (co-author as member of the Project Team)

    • Introduction, Upholding Independence by Self-regulation: Judicial Ethics in the United States, in Chinese Translation of Massachusetts Code of Judicial Conduct 2016(马萨诸塞司法行为准则2016, China University of Political Science and Law Press, October 2016

    • From de facto Fact Finder to Expert Witness – Transition of Forensic Examination in China, Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine, Vol. 1, Issue 2, July 2015

    • Policy above Law: VIE and Foreign Investment Regulation in China, Peking University Transnational Law Review, Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2015

    • Book, English Colonization and the Formation of Anglo-American Polities, 1606-1664, Chinese Social Sciences Resources Press, Beijing (August 2015)

    • Article (co-author), “Jefferson’s Democratic Thought in Modern China (杰斐逊及其民主思想在中国) ,” History Monthly  (史学月刊), No. 11 (2013), pp. 50-66

    • Article, “Inheritance and Elaboration – An Interpretative Framework of the Formation of Anglo-American Colonial Institutions (英属美洲殖民政体对英国传统的继承与发展), Perspectives in US History – Essay Collection II (美国史探研(续编)), HeBei Renmin Press (2010), pp. 15-23 (in Chinese)

    • Book (co-editor), Perspectives in US History – Essay Collection II (美国史探研(续编)), HeBei Renmin Press (2010) (in Chinese)

    • Article (first author), “Tidal Waves and Undercurrents in Chinese Business: Recent Development in Key Sectors,” Best Practices for International Business Transactions in China (Thompson Reuters/Aspatore Series “Inside the Minds”, New York, 2010), pp. 37-57

    • Book (co-author), Uniform Provisions of Evidence of the People’s Court – Proposal for Judicial Interpretation and Drafting Commentary (《人民法院统一证据规定》司法解释建议稿及论证) (Beijing: CUPL Press, 2008) (in Chinese with English translation)

    • Article (co-author), “Execution of Enforceable Contracts in China,”  Canadian International Law Journal (July – August 2004)

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    • Note, “National Legal Restructuring in accordance with International Norms: GATT/WTO and China’s Foreign Trade Reform,”  Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 2 (Spring 1997), pp. 471-508

    • Article, “Republican Principle and Monarchical Orientation in Alexander Hamilton’s Political Thought (汉密尔顿政府思想的共和原则和君主倾向),”  World History (世界历史), No. 5  (1993), pp. 103-107 (in Chinese)

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    • Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University

    • J.D., Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Bloomington

    • M.A., Peking University

    • B.A., Shandong Normal University

  • Professor Thomas Man Co-edits Cross-Disciplinary Study on Law and History

    Professor Man Received Indiana University’s Distinguished Service Award

    Professor Man Keynote Speaker at International Symposium on Sino Swiss Evidence Science    

    Professor Man Participates in Joint Chatham House/CUPL Roundtable on International Law

    Professor Man Presents at International Symposium on Anti-Corruption in G20 Member States

    Experts Discuss Disappearance of PKUSZ Graduate Zhang Yingying

    Professor Thomas Man Authors Acclaimed Book on Origins of British Colonial Governance

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