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Professor Minas Co-edits New Book on Climate Change Law and Politics

STL Assistant Professor Stephen Minas has co-edited a new book, “EU Climate Diplomacy: Politics, Law and Negotiations,” with Vassilis Ntousas, Policy Advisor for International Relations at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies in Brussels. The book was published by Routledge in May 2018.

The book includes contributions from the European Commission, EU Member State negotiators and scholars on the development and characteristics of EU climate diplomacy, with particular focus on climate technology and finance.  Full details on the book are available here.

The book is intended to be a resource on the multifaceted, multi-level nature of EU climate diplomacy.  It underlines the ongoing importance of EU and Member State engagement with the development of international climate change law, and also examines the potential for greater cooperation between the EU and China in the framework of the Paris Agreement.

Commenting on the book, Professor Minas said, “Engagement not withdrawal is what is needed to meet shared global challenges.  We are delighted to present this intervention and thanks again to all who contributed.”

Stephen Minas with co editor Vassilis Ntousas