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Professor Minas Presents at EU Conferences on Energy & Environment in the Belt and Road Initiative

In the summer of 2018, Stephen Minas, Assistant Professor at STL, participated in several European forums on energy, trade and investment law.

At the University of Split in Croatia, Professor Minas participated in the Energy Community’s Summer School program.  The Energy Community is an international organization established by treaty.  Its  mission is to integrate the European energy market through harmonizing the legal framework in the areas of energy, the environment, and climate change.  The annual Summer School is an intensive training week for young leaders focusing on European energy sectors in transition.  In tackling this subject, the training covers, among other things, European energy policies, laws, and markets.

Similarly, at the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London, Professor Minas participated in a Jean Monnet Chair Workshop on international trade, investment and the rule of law.  Named after one of the European Union’s founders, the Jean Monnet Chair program has been created to help bolster teaching and research on EU matters.  The workshop was co-hosted by the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies.

At the workshop, Professor Minas delivered a presentation titled “A ‘New Era’ for Sustainable Investment? Environmental Standards in the Belt and Road Initiative, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and New Development Bank”.  He also chaired a panel on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which included presentations on institutional investors, CSR in trade and investment, and transnational labor law.

Research assistance was provided for Professor Minas by two of STL’s capable students, Wei Chanchan and Zhang Min.