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Professor Susan Finder Speaks in Three Webinars

In April and May, STL distinguished scholar Professor Susan Finder spoke in three webinars that attracted worldwide audiences. 

On April 12, Professor Finder spoke to the Chinese law group at Università degli studi Roma on “The Functions of the Supreme People’s Court and Their Implications,” giving many practical examples and suggestions for further research.

On May 5, Professor Finder was the sole commentator when Lecturer in Law at Penn Law School,  Neysun Mahboubi spoke on “Zombie legal reform?: Judicial and Administrative Law Developments after the Fourth Plenum.”  His speech was part of the University of Hong Kong Law Faculty’s Centre for Chinese Law’s International Speaker Series on China’s Law & Economic Governance.  Her comments focused on specific aspects of judicial reform and expected administrative law reforms. Attendees included well-known scholars from mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, and Europe.

On May 18,  Professor Susan Finder was the first keynote speaker of the webinar “Deals and Disputes: China, Hong Kong, and Commercial Law” held on May 18-21 (2021).  The webinar was sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh, as a joint effort between the School of Law’s Center for International Legal Education, headed by Professor Ronald Brand, well-known scholar on international and comparative law and the Asian Studies Center. Attendees included well-known scholars, practitioners, and students from around the world. Professor Finder spoke on the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) and the Development of Chinese International Commercial Law (as she defined it in her presentation).  Her presentation discussed several functions of the SPC and the way they advance the body of international commercial legal norms in China. 

For those who missed the presentations, the recording of the May 5 presentation is available on the website of the Centre of Chinese Law and the May 18 keynote speech is available on Youtube.