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STL Student Won the Championship of PKU 16th “Top Ten Speech Contest”

On November 29th 2019, the 16th “Top Ten Speech” Peking University finals were held in Beijing. Since this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the theme of this competition was “My country, My people”. It was co-organized by the Communist Youth League Peking University Committee and the Peking University Graduate Union. STL 1L student Wang Chenyu stood out in the competition and won the championship after three rounds of speeches. This is the very first time that a student from STL had won this championship.

In the competition, all participants shared their own professional views and stories about their motherland, China. There were three speech categories for evaluating the contestants. First, they delivered speeches based on given topics, then came the challenge of impromptu speeches, and lastly, the battle for the top three. Wang Chenyu successfully won with his excellent on-stage responses and superb speech skills, which led him to the final championship.

Apart from this competition, Wang Chenyu had previously formed debate teams and achieved very impressive results in numerous debate competitions, including winning the championship in the 5th “Thinking Star” Shenzhen University Students Speculation Contest and the 7th Shenzhen University Youth Student Debate Competition.

After the competition, Wang Chenyu said, “Debate and public speaking have always been where my passion lies. I want to express my appreciation to PKUSZ and STL for continuing to provide us with opportunities to develop our interests, and I want to thank my teammates, teachers, friends, mom and dad and everyone who has supported and helped me.”