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STL Students Won the Championship in the Stetson Environmental Law Moot Court Competition

On November 21, Peking University School of Transnational Law students won the Championship in the Stetson Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. The East Asia Regional Rounds (EARR) of the 2020-2021 Stetson’s International Environmental Moot Court Competition (IEMCC) was organized by Soongsil University and was broadcast live on YouTube. The event started on November 17 and ended on the 21st. After facing fierce competition, STL students won the championship and qualified themselves to the international round.

Founded in 1996, and sponsored by the Stetson University College of Law, the IEMCC is a moot court competition with extensive international influence in the field of international environmental law. The competition is conducted in English and consists of two stages: regional rounds and international rounds. There are eight regions in the regional competition, including North America Pacific, North America Atlantic, Latin America, and East Asia.

Focusing on the theme of “Protection of Bats and International Trade Measures,” this competition discussed how bat protection and green alternative energy development should take into account international interests when implementing environmental protection policies.

The STL team is formed by students from the class of 2019, including Wang Sifei, Yue Hong, and Yue Min. As representatives, they participated in the final round of EARR. In the preliminary contest, the team competed against Chongshi University, Hiroshima University, China University of Political Science and Law. For the semi-finals, they competed against Kathmandu University on November 20. For the final round, they competed against China University of Political Science and Law.

The team expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and support provided by STL. “By preparing for and participating in this competition,” they said, “we had gained a lot, which not only enriched our knowledge about law, but also allowed us to exercise our writing ability, our logical thinking, and our ability to communicate”. Meanwhile, the team also expressed their gratitude to Assistant Dean Christian Pangilinan, visiting professor Joseph W. Dellapenna, Director of Transnational Law Practice Liu Yue, from whom they received full guidance. Credit also goes to Jiang Wei, Lu Yunfei, Zhang Yidan, who gave the team full support and help. Lastly, they especially thank STL C.V.Starr lecturer Qiu Xiaoya for her patient, detailed guidance and encouragement, which enabled the team to overcome all kinds of difficulties.

WANG Sifei、QIU Xiaoya、YUE Min、YUE Hong

Given that they were formed only one month earlier, it’s a remarkable success that the team won the championship. We wish STL students the best in the upcoming competitions.