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Admission Event: Information Session with STL Students (for Beijing Universities, Sun Yat-Sen Universit...

7:00 PM, June 14 (Tuesday), Online via Zoom; 7:00PM, June 15 (Wednesday), Online via Zoom

Admission Event: 2023 Virtual Roadshow (Law)

15:00 PM, June 10 (Friday), Online via Zoom

Foreign Relations Law

7:00 PM, June 9 (Thursday)(Beijing Time)

Use of Force in International Law

7:00 PM, May 26 (Thursday)(Beijing Time)

The Third World and International Law

7:00 PM, May 12 (Thursday)(Beijing Time)

Private Investment Funds and Lawyers Behind

9:45 AM, April 30 (Saturday)(Beijing Time)

IL and IR: A Tale of Two Disciplines

7:00 PM, April 28 (Thursday)(Beijing Time)