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Information For STL Students


Student Services and Careers

Key Contact Information for Current Students

  • Office of Academic Affairs

    Christian PANGILINAN, Assistant Dean
    Curriculum, academic programming, rules and policies, thesis program, course registration, certifications, academic advising, moot court, independent legal studies program, course evaluations, year-long visits to ABA-approved law school programs

    刘冬 LIU Dong, Officer of Academic Affairs (Room 410),0755-8618 9261
    Semester registration and leaves, tuition, PKU Shenzhen degree requirements, classroom administration, coursepacks, course evaluations

    王洋洋 WANG Yangyang, Officer of Academic Affairs (Room 410),0755-2603 2571
    Curriculum, thesis program, grades, degree requirements advising, teaching assistants

    杜雅婷 DU Yating, Officer of International Programs and Academic Affairs (Room 410),0755-2603 2569
    Exchange programs, international programs, international student advising, LLM thesis advising, Foreign Visitation Declarations

  • Office of Student Affairs, Development and Careers Services

    张趁利 ZHANG Chenli (Charly), Assistant Dean
    Student affairs, career counseling, professional development programming

    曾柯璐 ZENG Kelu (Chole) , Officer of Student Affairs (Room 410),0755-8609 9193
    Student advising and counseling, student life and organizations, student housing, loan and insurance, student awards and prizes, commencement and graduation

    王倩 WANG Qian, Senior Officer of Careers Services (Room 410),0755-2603 2572
    Career counseling, professional development programming

  • Office of Communications

    钟小金 ZHONG Xiaojin (Kim), Director (Room 410),0755-2665 7647

    张玮倩 ZHANG Weiqian(“Gisselle”), Officer of Communications (Room 410),0755-2603 3419

  • Law Library

    田禾 TIAN He (Tessie), Assistant Director,0755-2663 9352
    Library administration and resources, Westlaw and TWEN account...