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Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) is the only law school in the world that provides both a J.D and J.M. legal education. Each year, we are seeking students who have exceptional intellectual talents, an extraordinary work ethic, and a deep commitment to develop their skills so that they can contribute to their country and the world. Since our mission is to prepare students to be transnational legal professionals, we welcome people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and accomplishments, as well as students who understand that our individual opportunities are greatest if we work together, as a mutually supportive community.

STL has established a post-graduate LL.M. (Master of Laws) degree for foreign students who already have a first degree in law and who already may be practicing lawyers in their home nations. STL’s LL.M. program enrolled its first students beginning in Academic Year 2015-16. The worldwide prestige of PKU, the opportunity to live in Shenzhen, STL’s English language curriculum, and STL’s unique depth in Chinese law and transnational law has attracted leading lawyers and law students from around the world. As has been the case for decades at the best American law schools, STL’s LL.M. graduates likely will return to positions of leadership in their home nations accompanied by heightened familiarity with and affection for Shenzhen and China, thus advancing over time the global interests of Shenzhen and China as well as of STL and PKU.

Degree Programs


Here, as part of Peking University, one of the leading universities in China, STL has not only inherited an initiative spirit of pioneering legal education, but also acted as a significant force for PKU’s internationalization. Renowned for its uniqueness of the J.D./J.M. dual degree program, STL provides you with a global horizon and prepares you to be a transnational legal professional.

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Students’ Voices

“STL is the best choice for you to embrace new possibilities and challenges. Here, we study both American law and Chinese law. By studying and practicing, students are able to think about case law, think from the perspective of comparative law, and think in a critical way. In each class, professors guide students’ point of view, and we all benefit from it. Fortunately, we can spend four years in pursuing dreams in this great law school. Perfect loves preparation. STL gives you multiple perspectives to know yourself, society and the world. STL also helps you to find the beauty and art of law. “

——Zhao Suting, J.D./J.M. Student

STL is someplace where people are more concerned to know than to judge. Professors and students of diverse majors from all over the world help equip me with an open mind, a broader vision and more importantly, an ever-learning attitude of always emulating those better than myself. Being a part of STL is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

——Lei Meifang, J.D./J.M. Student

We learned two things in STL. When answering questions from our professor, we would say: “It depends.” Because we have realized the complexity of practice and gradually mastered the subtlety of law. When facing calling of the justice, we would say: “certainly.” Because we have been aware of the challenge and prepared courage, persistence and indomitable spirit.

——Sun Xinpeng, J.D./J.M. Student

STL is a place suitable for growth, where I know myself more deeply every day. I have to admit that I always feel embarrassed for not giving the right answer in class, until I realize there is no “right answer”. Such moments make me think independently. With excellent classmates and wise teachers here, I have no doubt that the next two years will also be quite enlightening and enjoyable.

——Su Jianxin, J.D./J.M. Student

Careers after STL

Although STL is still young, with only eight graduating classes to date, it already has captured the attention of the world’s leading multinational law firms and corporations, leading Chinese law firms and corporations, government offices, leading international NGOs and universities. Post-graduate placement of STL graduates is nearly 100 percent.

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