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Professor Susan Finder lectures on the Supreme People’s Court and the development of foreign-related r...

​In May, Professor Susan Finder (范思深), Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Peking University School of Transnational Law, delivered lectures on how the Supreme People’s Court supports the national strategy of developing “foreign-related rule of law” at law schools and research institutes at Nanjing University, invited by Professor Sun Wen, and Fudan University, invited by Professors Lu Zhian and Jing Ming.

Ray Campbell presents at the 10th Annual Academic Conference of Kuwait International Law School

Ray Campbell, resident professor of law at the Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL), delivered an academic speech at the 10th Annual International Academic Conference at Kuwait International Law School held in May. Prof. Campbell spoke on how artificial intelligence is changing courts, discussed the application of artificial intelligence in courts around the world and the issues it raises.

STL 15 anniversary series: Professor Matthew Stephenson: Embrace Uncertainty

Matthew Stephenson is Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, where he teaches administrative law, legislation and regulation, anti-corruption law, and political economy of public law. His research focuses on the application of positive political theory to public law, particularly in the areas of administrative procedure, anti-corruption, judicial institutions, and separation of powers.

Prof. Mark Feldman attends World Arbitration Update 2024 – China Insight, moderating panel

Professor Mark Feldman, the Interim Dean of Peking University School of Transnational Law, participated in the World Arbitration Update 2024 – China Insight conference held in Beijing this May.

Peking University School of Transnational Law Celebrates its Largest Graduation Ceremony Since its Foun...

​On May 25, Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) celebrated its largest graduation ceremony since its founding.

Symposium on integrity in climate finance held with STL participation

The second symposium on supranational responses to corruption was held in May at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The event was co-organized by colleagues from the World Bank, Transparency International and the Green Climate Fund and had the theme of ‘Integrity in Climate Finance and Action’.

Professor Friedmann co-authored "Law of The Digital Domain: Trademarks, Domain Names, And The AI Fronti...

Professor Danny Friedmann co-authored article with Professor Chaisse (City University of Hong Kong) was published in IDEA®: The Law Review of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property. The article "The Law of the Digital Domain" demonstrates the interplay between trademarks and domain names and has the potential to foster significant growth and improvement for both systems.

Professor Francis G. Snyder Honored as Most-Cited Chinese Researcher for Two Consecutive Years

​Professor Francis G. Snyder listed on the “2023 Most Cited Chinese Researchers” by one of the largest global publishers of scholarly journals Elsevier, marking his second consecutive year receiving the honor.

Stephen Minas elected Vice-Chair of UN technology body

STL Professor Stephen Minas is the new Vice-Chair of the UN Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) Advisory Board. The elections were held at the end of the board’s meeting last week in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jennifer Thornton, Vice President of Business Roundtable, visited PKU STL

Jennifer Thornton, Vice President of Business Roundtable, spoke on U.S. trade policy at Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) on March 21st. The event was moderated by Professor Mark Feldman, Interim Dean of STL.