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Information for Prospective Students, Employers and Other Visitors

For Prospective Students

For Employers

Key Contact Information for Visitors

  • Office of Admissions and Communications

    钟小金 ZHONG Xiaojin (Kim) , Director of Admissions and Communications (Room 410),0755-2665 7647
    JD/JM admissions, Summer Honors Program, mini-camp, open house, prospective student advising and counseling, communications and marketing, media connection

    谭佩华 TAN Peihua (Carrie), Senior Officer of Admissions and Communications (Room 410),0755-2603 2287
    JD/JM admissions, summer honors program, mini-camp and open house, prospective student advising and counseling, entrance scholarship and graduate allowance 

    张玮倩 ZHANG Weiqian(Gisselle), Officer of Communications (Room 410),0755-2603 3419
    STL website, social media, internal design service, media connection

  • Office of Development and Career Services

    张趁利 ZHANG Chenli (Charly), Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Development, and Careers Services  (Room 420),0755-2603 2261
    Student affairs, career counseling, professional development programming

    王倩 WANG Qian (Sophie), Senior Officer of Careers Services (Room 410),0755-2670 3691
    Career counseling, professional development programming

  • Office of Graduate and International Program

    Cole AGAR, Director of Graduate and International Programs (Room 415),0755-2603 1484
    International student admissions, exchange program, visiting student program, international student advising and counseling, year-long visits to ABA-approved law school programs 

    杜雅婷 DU Yating, Officer of International Programs and Academic Affairs (Room 410),0755-2603 2569
    Exchange programs, international programs, international student advising, LLM thesis advising, Foreign Visitation Declarations