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Mock J.D. Class Provided by Professor Mark Feldman

With access to STL virtual mock J.D. class, many prospective students from top universities across China explored the idea of learning law through this new medium. On May 29, 2020, an online sample class was taught by Professor Mark Feldman, a world leading scholar on the study of relationship between multinational enterprises and international economic law rights and obligations.

Professor Feldman’s class emphasized active engagement and usedNicosia v., his case study. After introducing its background, he focused on the controversy of the case to explain three terms in electronic contracting. During the interaction with the students, the legal logic behind the case was gradually analyzed and the students were introduced to some basic concepts of American Contract Law.

Through reflective study of an actual case, accompanied by intensive interaction, students were able to acquire not only introductory knowledge, but also critical thinking.

Some students spoke highly of this virtual course after the class. Liang Yongyi, a student from Sun Yat-Sen University, said “this is my first time to experience a J.D. class in which I learned the basic knowledge and values of contract law in the United States, and I am enlightened by the Socratic teaching method employed by Professor Feldman. The guidance from him was both patient and skillful. By following his process of thinking, I gradually improved my understanding, meanwhile realizing the proper way of thinking on the question discussed as a judge. Thank you very much to Professor Feldman and STL for the delightful and rewarding class.”

Li Yancheng, a student from Central South University mentioned that, “this is my first time attending Professor Feldman’s class, and I was amazed by the balance he kept being both informative and thought-provoking. The core concepts of the case were excerpted and explained in a detailed and vivid manner, with simple concepts such as “shrinkwrap” being specified and thoroughly introduced. Such concepts were reinforced in his Socratic method of questioning: Not only were we tested for our utilization of knowledge, but we were also pushed to think deeper by an indescribable force. Guided by the professor, I got to reflect on the conflicts between efficiency and fairness concerning contract law; the conflicts between better user experience and better display of legal terms on web pages. The class tonight showcased the unique education method of STL, a place that is now more than attractive to me, and where I could truly learn and think.”

Xiao Hanting, a student from Nanchang University also shared the similar feeling, “This is a very wonderful JD experience class. I have learned a lot from this class. I have come into contact with the jurisprudence of the Anglo-American legal system which is different from the legal system of our country. I try to look at legal issues with a new way of thinking, and it light up my brain. It really broadens my horizon and makes me experience something new.”

It is the first time STL provides online mock J.D. Class. Please stay tuned for further plans.

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