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Professor Manjiao Chi visited STL and held two presentations on May 20th

On Monday May 20, 2019, Professor Manjiao Chi from the School of Law at the University of International Business and Economics (“UIBE”) held a presentation at STL on China’s Foreign Investment Law. Later in the day, Professor Chi also had a joint presentation with STL’s Professor Mark Feldman, talking about Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform and China’s Possible Policy Options. Both presentations were hosted by STL’s distinguished Professor Francis Snyder.

Manjiao Chi is a Professor and the Founding Director of the Center for International Economic Law and Policy (CIELP) at UIBE’s Law School in Beijing. He also holds visiting professorships and fellowships at a number of international organizations, leading law schools and institutions across the world. He frequently serves as arbitrator, expert and advisor in foreign related disputes.

Professor Manjiao Chi began by discussing China’s Foreign Investment Law (“FIL”) – the first national law of its kind since the economic reform in the late 1970s. FIL has been adopted by China’s National People’s Congress in March 2019. Professor Chi presented on the latest and boldest step China had made in its foreign investment governance regime. The presentation reviewed the making of FIL from a historical perspective, analyzed the major progress it had made and explored some potential defects that call for further law-making and implementation efforts.

Later in the afternoon, Professor Manjiao Chi and Professor Mark Feldman presented on the issue of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) reform and China’s possible policy options. This joint presentation provided an up-to-date discussion of the various aspects of the ongoing ISDS reform, as well as China’s possible position and consideration in this highly contentious issue.

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