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Professor Sang Yop Kang Appointed Research Membership at the ECGI

STL Professor Sang Yop Kang was appointed as a new Research Member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI). Although its name contains “European,” the ECGI is the most prestigious “global” academic association in the area of the corporate governance. It provides a forum for debate and dialogue among academics, legislators and practitioners, focusing on exploring corporate governance issues.

The ECGI maintains closed membership. Research Members are world-leading scholars from various disciplines such as economics, finance, and law. Research Members also include Nobel Prize laureates. In mainland China, there are only two Research Members including Professor Kang (the other is an economist).

Sang Yop Kang is Professor of Law (full professorship with tenure) at Peking University School of Transnational Law. He teaches and researches in the areas of corporate governance, corporate law, law and economics (of corporate law and securities regulations), capital markets, financial market regulations, and East Asian economies and corporate law systems.

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