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STL Co-hosts the 9th Asian-Pacific M&A Moot Competition

The Ninth Asian-Pacific M&A Moot competition was organized by Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) and China Mergers & Acquisitions Association from the 24th of March till the 27th. As an annual Asian-Pacific competition, the event has attracted more than 16 universities to participate, including Macau University of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, National Chengchi University, Tsinghua University, Xiamen University and more.

The competition consisted of three phases: submission of written reports, negotiation, and board reporting. Based on the memo and presentation, the judge panel made its decision after thorough discussion. The judge panel was chaired by Gong Yaling, partner of McDermott Will & Emery law firm. Other judges included Liao Mingxia, partner of Deheng (Shenzhen) Law Firm; Li Wei, founding partner of Shenzhen Songhe Capital; Ma Guozhu, Chairman of the Corporate Governance Professionals Association; Xie Jiayang, vice president of China M&A Association and managing partner of Ernst & Young China Strategy; Wang Ping, former Chairman China M&A Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hongyi Capital Group; Qu Zhenyu, General Manager of CMBC(Shenzhen) Investment Department; Li Mingming, Assistant Managing Director of Greater Bay Area Common Home Investment Co., Ltd.

STL team, coached by Professor Zhu Daming and composed of three STL students (Jin Xiaojia, Song Changlin and Zhu Runze) and three PHBS students (Cui Dijun, Wang Yishuai and Shen Wenbin), won the China M&A Association Best Legal Service Award and Best Memo Award. In addition, Jin Xiaojia was awarded the Best Performance Award and Song Changlin awarded the Best Teammate Award.

Below is the full list of the prize-winners:

Best M&A Plan Award: National Chengchi University, Wuhan University

Best Team Award Champion: Xiamen University

Best Team Award Runner-up: Tsinghua University

Best Team Award Third Runner-up: Hong Kong University

China M&A Association Best Financial Advisor Award: Taiwan University

China M&A Association Best Legal Service Award: Peking University

China M&A Association Best Industry Analysis Award: Shanghai Jiaotong University

Best Memo Awards: Macau University of Science and Technology, National Chengchi University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, National Chung Cheng University, East China University of Political Science and Law, Peking University, Hong Kong University, Taipei University

Best Performance Awards: Ma Yixuan, Lin Zhaozhi, Zheng Jiaqi, Mu Ladili, He Yijun, Jia Haidong, Zheng Yuren, Wang Luyuan, Cao Yici, Zhong Ying, Lai Xingyu, Jin Xiaojia, Jiang Xinyi, Wu Xinyi, Liao Yuhui, Huang Liyi

Best Teammate Awards: Zhao Chuchu, Liu Yizhen, Zheng Jiaqi, Zhang Jiaqi, He Yijun, Wang Yue, Zhu Jiazhen, Zheng Yuren, Chen Runping, Hong Wei’en, Lai Xingyu, Song Changlin, Qu Xin, Mo Weiting, Lu Jianhua, Li Dongsheng

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