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Dean Philip McConnaughay Keynote Speaker at 2017 Global Intelligence Forum

STL Dean Philip McConnaughay was a keynote speaker at the 29th Shenzhen Legal Forum/2017 Global Intelligence Forum on “International Legal Talent Cultivation under the Background of Innovation,” on April 15, 2017 in Shenzhen. The Forum was sponsored by the Shenzhen Legal Society, the Shenzhen Bureau of Justice, and Benchmark Chambers International.

Dean McConnaughay’s remarks concerned, “Educating Legal Talents for a Globalized Age: Lessons from Shenzhen,” which he delivered to an audience of over 300 legal professionals. He spoke about the importance of a Chinese legal professional equipped to serve a sophisticated economy based on technological innovation, financial services and internationalization and that is capable of competing head-to-head with dominant British and American multinational law firms.

Shenzhen and the Greater Pear River Delta are at the forefront of transnational exchange and legal and commercial developments here likely will preview similar developments throughout China and throughout the world.

Other keynote speakers and panelists included Director General Zhou Yuansheng of the Department of Lawyers and Notarization, PRC Ministry of Justice, Executive Vice President of Renmin University, renowned Professor Wang Liming, and Professor Gao Xiqing, the principal architect of China’s capital markets regulatory system.

STL Distinguished Scholar in Residence Susan Finder, STL Assistant Dean Chen Keru, and STL Director of Development and Career Services Zhang Chenli also attended the Forum.

The 2017 Global Intelligence Forum is intended to promote the development of the legal infrastructure necessary for sustained economic growth and innovation in Shenzhen and the Greater Pearl River Delta.

Please click here to read Dean McConnaughay’s keynote speech, which was posted on WeChat by Benchmark Chambers International.

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