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Professor Minas Writes on New UN High Seas Agreement

In early March, negotiators at United Nations headquarters in New Yorkfinalized the text of a new treatyon the conservation and sustainable use of high seas biological diversity. STL Associate Professor Stephen Minaswrote an articlefor the South China Morning Post on this landmark deal, focusing on its potential to unlock breakthroughs in marine biotech.

Commenting on the outcome on New York, Dr Minas stated: “There are many reasons to welcome the new high seas agreement. The agreement’s potential to boost marine biotech breakthroughs that could make tremendous contributions to human health is one. The agreement’s enablers for this are not just the new consensus of marine genetic resources benefit-sharing, but also area-based management and environmental impact assessments that can protect high seas biodiversity and new capacity building and technology transfer measures to enable all parties to participate in this grand new chapter of humanity’s relationship with our ocean.”

Dr Minas has previously written papers on potential elements of the agreement regarding transfer of marine technology. He provided informal input to the negotiating process prior to and during the final session.

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