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Professor Sang Yop Kang was Invited to Share His Expertise at the National Assembly (Congress) of Korea

Professor Sang Yop Kang was invited by the National Assembly (Congress) of the Republic of Korea and presented his opinions at a policy seminar of the National Assembly on November 2, 2023. As a globally leading expert on corporate group systems and their regulation, Professor Kang made policy suggestions to the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. Considering the unique situation in Korea, where the Fair Trade Act (Competition Law) regulates corporate governance issues, he argued for a harmonious application of both the Corporate Law and the Fair Trade Act in the regulation of corporate groups and their affiliated corporations.

In particular, at the policy seminar of the National Assembly, he argued, “Considering that in Korea, the Fair Trade Act regulates a significant part that should have originally been handled by corporate law, which emphasizes civil resolutions, the phenomenon of ‘excessive criminalization’ under the Fair Trade Act should be lessened.”Additionally, he delved into the complexities surrounding public interest entities within the corporate group regulatory framework.

Professor Sang Yop Kang holds a full professorship with tenure in Law at Peking University, School of Transnational Law. His areas of teaching and research include corporate governance, corporate law (theory and with perspectives from the US, Korea, and China), securities regulations, M&As, and law and economics. He also focuses on ESG, capital markets, financial market regulations, banking policies, and more. His expertise extends to startups and venture capitals, competition law (anti-trust), the 4th industrial revolution, corporate groups, institutional investors, hedge funds, private equity funds, shareholder activism, stewardship, law and finance, executive compensation, Chinese economic policies, Chinese corporate governance, East Asian economies and legal systems, and political economy.

Professor Kang publishes numerous articles in academic journals such as the Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance, the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, the Berkeley Business Law Journal, the Virginia Law & Business Review, the Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business, Tsinghua China Law Review, etc. Also, with world-leading scholars, Professor Kang is a coauthor of “Law and Finance of Related Party Transactions” (Cambridge University Press), “Comparative Corporate Governance” (Edward Elgar), and “Global Shareholder Stewardship” (Cambridge University Press). Moreover, he coauthored “Regulation on Corporate Groups,” an academically significant book published in Korea.

Professor Kang holds J.S.D. (Doctor of the Science of Law) degree at Columbia University School of Law. He is a Research Member of the ECGI (European Corporate Governance Institute), the most prestigious global academic association for the corporate governance scholarship (law, economics, and finance). Professor Kang is a lawyer. Also, he is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and a FRM (Financial Risk Manager) charter-holder. In addition, he is an arbitrator at the SCIA (Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration). Before he studied law, he studied economics and finance and used to be a fund manager in the capital market. He also composes piano pieces.

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