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Professor Joy Xiang Invited to Present at Leading International Conferences and U.S. IP Programs

During November 1-12, 2021, Professor Joy Xiang was invited to participate in the latest WIPO-WTO Colloquium for IP Teachers as an observer and moderator. The Colloquium is a joint effort between the WTO and the WIPO to strengthen IP teaching and research capacities in developing countries and economies in transition. It is a two-week intensive program exploring key IP topics relevant to global trade and development. Professor Xiang’s one of the handful of professors invited to moderate the Colloquium. Per her specialties in global IP, patent law, and IP strategies, Professor Xiang was invited to moderate the discussion on IP Jurisprudence. In this discussion, we explored the implementation and reading of the WTO TRIPS Agreement by domestic institutions, the controversial anti-suit injunction practice in cross-border IP disputes such as SEP litigations, and national IP strategies by various jurisdictions. Professor Xiang also commented on international technology transfer based on her research. The Colloquium will publish Professor Xiang’s writing on Intellectual Property, Antimonopoly Law and Sustainable Development in Chinain a special edition of its peer-reviewed Colloquium Papers series.

On November 9, 2021, Professor Xiang was also invited topresentat the 39thAnnual Congress of the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP), organized by University of Copenhagen this year. ATRIP subsequently invited Professor Xiang to contribute to its upcoming book “The Exploitation of IPR – Finding the Right Balance” with one of her upcoming writings on access to know-how.

Leading U.S. IP Programs also have invited Professor Xiang to present her scholarship. On September 30, 2021, she was invited to present the project Intellectual Property, Antitrust, and Access to Essential Technologiesat the Annual Academic Roundtable at University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law (#4 Leading IP Program in the U.S.). On December 6, 2021, she was invited to talk about her upcoming monographClimate Change, Sustainable Development and Clean Tech: a Pathway for Developing Countriesby University of California Berkeley Center for Law and Technology (# 1 Leading IP Program in the U.S.).

Professor Xiang is thankful to all the inviters for their confidence and appreciation of her scholarship and for the opportunities to discuss. Professor Xiang greatly appreciates the wonderful support from her STL colleagues and students on these research projects, especially Professor Francis Snyder, Professor Stephen Minas, and research assistants Charlie Xu, Corrine Ni, Yang Shao, Gloria Zhou, Kyrie Zuo, and Chelsea Liu.

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