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STL Professor Sang Yop Kang Participated and Published New Book

“The Law and Finance of Related Party Transactions,” which Professor Sang Yop Kang participated in as an author, was published in August 2019 by Cambridge University Press (edited by Luca Enriques and Tobias H. Tröger). This book is a collective project of leading corporate law scholars in the world. The other authors who participated in this book project as authors include Professors Paul Davies (University of Oxford), Luca Enriques (University of Oxford), Jesse Fried (Harvard Law School), Zohar Goshen (Columbia Law School), Curtis Milhaupt (Stanford Law School), Edward Rock (New York University Law School), etc. Professor Kang contributed a theoretical chapter entitled, Optimally Restrained Tunneling: The Puzzle of Controlling Shareholders’ “Generous” Exploitation in Bad-Law Jurisdictions (an abridged version of his article, “Generous Thieves”: The Puzzle of Controlling Shareholder Arrangements in Bad-Law Jurisdictions, which previously appeared in the Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance, volume 21 in 2015).

The book’s introductory page states: “A globe-spanning group of leading law and finance scholars bring together cutting-edge research to comprehensively examine the challenges legislators face in regulating related party transactions in a socially beneficial way. Combining theoretical analysis of the foundations of efficient regulation with empirical and comparative studies, readers are invited to draw their own conclusions on which regulatory responses work best under differing circumstances. The careful selection of surveyed jurisdictions offers in-depth insight into a broad variety of regulatory strategies and their interdependence with socioeconomic and political conditions. This work should be read by scholars, policymakers, and graduate students interested in a critical, much-debated area of corporate governance.”

A few reviews from scholars include (from Amazon): (1) ‘With patterns of concentrated ownership expanding even in the US, where tech entrepreneurs leverage control via higher voting shares, related-party transactions have become more ubiquitous than in the past. In this book, the world’s leading academics address the new pattern, reflecting on how to police them. Don’t miss it.’ Ronald J. Gilson, Charles J. Meyers Professor of Law and Business, Stanford University, and Marc and Eva Stern Professor of Law and Business, Columbia University; (2) ‘Related-party transactions are common, and not only in countries with concentrated ownership. If not supervised, they may have socially negative consequences. Yet how to regulate them effectively is highly controversial. This book offers the latest empirical, theoretical and comparative law research as presented by the best law and finance scholars in the field. It simply must be read.’ Klaus J. Hopt, Emeritus Director, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law; (3) ‘This book is a collection of superb academic chapters on a core issue in modern corporate law and finance. As an invaluable resource with theoretical and comparative examinations by world first-class authors, the book is a must read for researchers, policy makers and others who are interested in the area.’ Hideki Kanda, Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo; (4) ‘Governance of related party transactions is at the very heart of corporate law, yet it remains a significant challenge in most jurisdictions. This book delivers both deep knowledge and keen insight into the best approaches to this challenge.’ Andrei Shleifer, John L. Loeb Professor of Economics, Harvard University.

At STL, Professor Kang teaches and researches in the areas of corporate governance, corporate law, law and economics, capital markets and financial market regulations. He is a leading scholar in the controlling shareholder ownership regime, corporate group, and other corporate governance issues. He is a lawyer and a CFA charterholder. He is also a Research Member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), a prestigious academic association.

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