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Professor Stephen Minas Co-edits New Law of the Sea book

A new book on current developments in the law of the sea has been published by Brill, co-edited by STL Assistant Professor Stephen Minas. “Stress Testing the Law of the Sea: Dispute Resolution, Disasters & Emerging Challenges” is jointly edited by Professor Minas and H. Jordan Diamond, who is Co-Director of the Law of the Sea Institute at the University of California, Berkeley. The book examines key developments that are placing pressure on the current legal framework, which is centered on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Part I of the book explores changing norms of marine dispute resolution in an era when the lines between private and public governance are continually shifting, while Part II explores emerging issues including climate change, disasters, and expanding energy exploration.

Professor Minas summarized the contribution of the book: “The combined effect of increasing competition for resources in the high seas, new technologies to exploit the ocean’s natural wealth and climate change are placing our ocean’s ecosystems under increasing strain. In this book, leading scholars and practitioners explore the application and adaptation of the law of the sea, including its substantive and dispute resolution elements, to meet these intensifying challenges.”

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