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Professor Kang Presents at Leeds University Conference on Boards of Directors

Professor Sang Yop KANG was invited to a corporate law conference on “Boards of Directors: Composition and Process” at Leeds University (UK), January 15-16, 2018. The conference was co-sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Leeds University School of Law, and the Centre for Comparative Corporate Governance (CCC-CG) of the Deakin University Law School, Australia.  Conference presenters included leading corporate law professors and practitioners from the U.K., U.S., Europe and Australia.  Joining Professor Kang from China was Professor LIU Junhai (刘俊海教授) of Renmin University (中国人民大学).

Professor Kang presented his research on “Independent Director System in a Controlling Shareholder Regime: Korea.” He explained theories on the independent director system with comparative analysis of the system in the U.S., China, and Korea. In addition, he participated in a panel discussion of shareholder primacy (shareholder wealth maximization) and stakeholder primacy (stakeholder welfare maximization).

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